What If I Told You I’m Falling For You?

What If I Told You I’m Falling For You?

Perhaps it sounds a bit silly. But what if I told you that I am falling for you?

What if I told you that I walked inside a room full of people and suddenly all I saw was you? My heart suddenly turned into a wild animal banging hard against my chest, begging for release. The world slowed and quieted down until the sound of your laugh was all that filled my ears.

What if I told you that the way your lips curve into a smile is all I could think about all day? Not only that, but also the way your eyes resemble that of the moon, the way your nose scrunches up when you’re in deep thought, the way a pink shade dusts your cheeks whenever somebody compliments you.

What if I told you that you’ve been occupying my train of thought every minute of the day? You’re responsible for the said dysfunction of this human body because I keep thinking about tracing the lines on the palm of your hands, drawing circles on your back when you’re stressed out, and randomly leaving butterfly kisses at the tip of your nose. Also, it’s weird that I keep getting this insane urge to bury my head in the crook of your neck and stay there for a while.

What if I told you that your dedication to creating music inspires me to invest in my passions as well? I’ve fallen in love with your thoughts, your conviction. To say that you inspire me is an understatement. You make me want to write. You keep fueling my desire to ink my own thoughts into paper and weave stories around people. You stir my heart and my mind in all different directions because you surprise me every day.

These days, I keep wondering what could happen if I continue to find myself all tangled up in this lovely little mess with you.

What if I told you I am helplessly falling for you? Would you catch me along the way? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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