This Is The Top Relationship Deal Breaker For You, Based On Your Love Language

Words of Affirmations: Lack of Communication.

Words are your kind of porn. You feed on compliments. If your partner does not say what they are thinking, you will assume that your relationship is over. You use words to communicate your affection to the person you are with. Everything else might fail you but words never will. You need someone who uses words to let you know that they think the world of you. Based on your love language, you cannot be with someone who is poor in communicating their feelings or is not good at expressing themselves. You want someone who is comfortable with navigating their emotions by speaking-up.

Acts of Service: Lack of Effort

Doing things for the people you love is your mantra.You show your partner how much you care for them by the things you do for them. You take the trash out so they don’t have to do it, you do laundry and the dishes even after a long day at work, you fill-up their car with gas without them asking. You do things for them out of affection not obligation. There is nothing that hurts your feelings more than being with someone who does not put effort in your relationship. You like a relationship that is equal and free from gender perceived roles. You want someone who will meet you half way and who chooses you every single day.

Receive Gifts: Lack of Initiative

No one likes gifts as much as you do. You put thought into the gifts you give to your partner. It’s how you show them you have been paying attention, that you care about their interests. You get them that one t-shirt they said they wanted but couldn’t afford. You get them that something you saw in the store that reminded you of them. You get creative and personal with your gift giving. The gifts you give have meaning. The gifts you give have intentions. You cannot be with someone who does not cherish memories but most importantly, you cannot be with someone who does not make memories in first place. Every gift has a story. You want someone who is a good storyteller.

Quality Time: Lack of Investment

Time is your companion. You value quality over quantity. You show your partner you love them by making them a priority. You arrange to book the same time off so you get to spend it together. You want to see their face rather than stare at a screen waiting for a reply. You like simplicity and don’t care about what you’re doing as long as you’re connecting with your partner. A movie night at home with ice-cream, Nutella and popcorn wins you over than a night at a fancy restaurant. You like to get to the juice of every conversation you have with your partner.

You bond with them by being emotionally vulnerable and having deep, heartfelt, honest conversations. You can’t be with someone who does not invest real-time in your relationship. You can’t stand being with someone who is addicted to social media or clingy to their phone. You want someone who is in touch with real life adventures in a world where modern dating is the norm.

Physical Touch: Lack of Warmth.

Movement is your momentum. You show your partner you love them by kissing them good-morning and goodnight. When the world knocks you down, all you really need is a hug from your partner that works magic. You communicate your desire for your partner by touching them. You kiss them before that big job interview they have. You cuddle when you’re hurting from the harshness of the world. Sex is something you do not settle on.

You touch your partner where it hurts so it can heal. You handle their body with uttermost love, respect and kindness. You want to be touched gently and unconditionally. You’ll assume that your partner stopped loving you if they become physically distant. Physical abuse is something you’ll never tolerate -side note: no one should ever tolerate physical abuse-. Based on your love language, long distance is hell. You can’t whatsoever be with someone who is physically there but is not present. You can’t be with someone who doesn’t know when to make love to you and when to fuck you right. You can’t be with someone who doesn’t try new things in the bedroom or who doesn’t put effort in your sex life. Your body is a wonderland. You want someone who wants to discover it. You want someone who sees the sexiness and beauty of your body but most importantly, you want someone who communicates it through touch.

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