17 True Scary Stories That Will Ruin Your Night

17 True Scary Stories That Will Ruin Your Night

I asked Creepy Catalog readers for their spookiest stories and they delivered. Be careful out there!!

“I’m not your dad

“A girl I used to know told me a story that her ex husband used to wake up in the middle of the night because someone was tickling his feet. She told him her dad used to tickle her and her sisters feet to wake them up for school in the morning. So when weird things started happening around the house they would just say “knock it off dad” and it would stop. Well one day something happened in the kitchen (I don’t remember what) and she said “knock it off dad” and as she was walking out the door something growled in her ear “I’m not your dad”. They moved out a few weeks later.”

The man with the mustache

“When my son was about 3 he had a tent canopy attached to his bed frame. It covered about 3/4 of the length of his bed. He would always scoot towards the head of the bed and insisted covering up head to toe with his blanket, no matter how warm it was. I couldn’t turn off the lights until he was finished. I figured it was normal kid stuff. One night, just out of curiosity, I asked why he covered up so thoroughly. His response, “Because the man with the mustache won’t stop touching me. He’s always trying to tickle me. If I’m covered and way up here, he can’t reach me”. No one else had access to our house so needless to say, that scared the crap out of me. Till this day he still covers with his blanket, no matter how warm it is, although not as thoroughly as he used to. He doesn’t remember the man but still will not go to bed uncovered. He’s a teen now.”

Imaginary friend

“Ex-girlfriend moved into an apartment across the street from me, and told me her little brother had a new “imaginary friend” named Alex. Well I had been living in that neighborhood for about 5 years and 3 years prior to her moving in my neighbor Alex hung himself in that house.”

This is all very nope

“When I was a teenager in Colorado Springs we all used to crawl though this small tunnel that was directly under the interstate to get back and fourth from our neighborhood to the shitty trailer park with out obviously having to jump fences and run across the highway.

One drunken night alone I was on my way home about 2-3 am I came out of the tunnel only to find myself face to face with this huge rottweiler staring at me. I was in shock for a second, my stomach dropped. Instinctively I started yelling at the damn dog to go home. He just stood there glaring at me and every step I slowly took trying to get away he would bark and growl showing his teeth. So I started stomping towards him in a dominant way yelling at him to go on.

He turned and took steps back but still proceeded in torturing me barking and growling. I stupidity drunkenly started to power walk away. I then heard his feet running towards me as I had my back turned away from him. I turned back around only to see him lunging at me. I fell, when I turned and looked up the damn dog was completely out of sight as if I imagined the entire thing. To this day I don’t know if the dog was somebody’s pet or what. I didn’t hear him running away after I fell so I’ll never know I guess. Maybe he was a dark spirit.”

The thing

“When I was about 8 years old I was up in Maine at my uncle’s house with my cousin and little brother, all in the same age range. The part of Maine, Stratton, is pretty secluded about 30 minutes from Canada.

We were sleeping on sleeping bags in his living room, well all of the sudden through the window of my uncle’s door, probably about 9 feet tall, but had human like anatomy, this thing was standing hunched over looking into the house.

We all screamed and it did a non-human maneuver with it’s neck and ran behind the house. The footsteps of this thing practically shook the house. My mom and uncle come running into the living room. It’s been practically 20 years and we all still talk about it like it was yesterday.”


“My friends father was a missionary in Africa. He was 16 and learning how to shave his face. 3 weeks went by and he woke up one morning with his throat extremely swollen. Flew him to the nearest hospital where the trauma surgeon took a scalpel…nicked my friends throat… and out spewed 100’s of tiny spiders….”

This is why I don’t work the late shift

“Was working midnights at a gas station. A couple came in trying to get behind the register. They went outside and left. I went in the bathroom and called the police. Who came as they were coming back in. They had bags, knives, a gun, rope, and various other weapons in the trunk. I don’t think they planned on me living. I was hiding in the bathroom when they were trying to come back in.”

Killer doll

“My pappy(grandfather) found a life size doll hanging by a rope around its neck, in a tree/wooded area on the way home one day. He said it looked like somebody hung it up there and was using it for shooting practice or something.

My mom was still a child so the jokester he is, brought it home for her and my Aunt. Well they actually liked the thing and cleaned it up and played with it. My grandmother says till this day the scariest things started to happen around their house.

ONE example: It was nighttime and her and my pappy were in bed sleeping. Well she said she woke up to the blanket making her feel strangled. And it was almost like someone crawled into their bed and laid in between them. She sat up, startled and that’s when their bed started to shake and dressers shaking also. But nothing on the dressers moved or fell. It got to the point she was so freaked out and fed up with all the spooky things going on in their house, she made my pappy get rid of it.

So he was good friends with the owner of a bar who was more than happy to take it off his hands. As he thought it would be a good conversational piece. Exactly one week later the man who the doll was given to died. Mind you he had perfect health.”

Final wishes

“On and episode of Beyond Belief like 7 years ago, I saw a true story about a step daughter who died She hated her step mother. And in death, they were both put in the same mausoleum. Every morning, the stone carcophagus’ were cracked and there was writing on the walls in blood begging for her to be away from the step mother even though the mausoleum was sealed every night… Still gives me chills to think about it.”

Dream boy

“This happened to me… I saw the ghost of a little boy run in front of my car and I almost crashed. That’s not the scary part tho. When I told my mom about it and where it happened, she told me of a dream she had when she was pregnant with me where she hit a little boy with her car on the same road at the same spot and when she got out to check on the boy, she said it was me.”

No curtains

“My husband and I had just moved into a new house in a new state with our then 3 year old. Naturally I needed to go food shopping for pretty much everything. It was dark by the time I arrived home and I could see, upstairs, in what is now our bedroom, (no curtains/blinds yet), what I was sure was my husband standing in the window. The light was on so it was pretty easy to see that he was standing there. I clearly needed help unloading so I went straight inside and upstairs only to find no one was up there. Came back down to find him on the other side of the house completely immersed in a video game, clearly had been there the whole time but I asked anyways and yup, hasn’t been upstairs since I left. Gave me the chills at the time, but more so after meeting our new neighbor who informed us the previous owner committed suicide inside our house. It was her (our neighbor’s) own late husband that discovered the body. Lots more stories, creepy but harmless, we still live in the house and have learned to coexist.”

Facebooking from beyond

“My friend’s friend died and a few days later the deceased was commenting on people’s fb post. People were spooked, angry, and confused. What it came down to was that it might have been something with his phone. He might have commented, loss service, passed away, phone was moved to a location with service, and then it posted. Still shocking.”


“One night I hear my 6 yr old daughter talking to someone in her room. She was by herself. I asked her who she was talking to and she said “grandma ermmie”. Grandma Erma (only 2 people called her ermmie) died when she was 1. She never met her in person.”


“One Christmas, me and my son were at my parents house celebrating. It was getting late, i told my son, who was about five at the time, let’s get home and get you to bed before Santa goes to our house and has to leave because you’re not asleep. We get home, I’m getting our bags out of the car and my son says, mama!! Shhhh…Santa is in our house! My blood froze, our front curtains were open to show off our tree, so i asked what did you see? He said, Santa peeking at us in the window. I’m crapping my pants, i took him to my neighbors, and told them to call the cops if I’m not back in five minutes. The doors and windows were all locked and no sign of anybody in the house. I was scared all night.”

The dream

“One night I had a dream/nightmare? I was in a war. I went around the corner cause I was running from something. Came around the corner to see a gun pointed at my chest. It shot. With my left hand (this is important) I touched the wound and pulled my fingers away. There was blood on my 3 middle fingers to about the first knuckle line. I woke up in a dead sweat, calmed myself down it was only a dream, and went back to sleep. When I woke up however. I noticed there was something on my hand. My left hand. There was dried blood on my 3 middle fingers only down to the first knuckle. Of course I freaked out and immediately went to the full body mirror in the house. There wasn’t any other place that had dried blood.”


“When I stayed at my grandparents house I was laying in bed and something came running down the hall. Everyone was asleep and the dogs were in the garage but whatever it was jumped on my bed, and since I had my head covered I never saw it, but it trapped me under my covers and I screamed and cried until I fell asleep.

I still have nightmares about it and that was close to 10+years ago.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark