17 Extremely Scary ‘Creepy Man’ Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You


He said he’d kill me

“When I was 15, I was walking home from the bus stop about 5 blocks away from my house when an older man on a bike stopped me. He grabbed my arm and started going on about how he didn’t like me out about, and that if he sees me again, he will kill me.

He then kissed my hand and let it go. I ran to the closest house I knew and had someone drive me the rest of the way home.” — keevat


“I was filling my car up and a guy walked up to me, introduced himself and asked for a date. I turned him down as politely as possible, and drove home. The next day I had a knock at the door, peeped out the window and it was him. I hid, and I heard him rattling the doorknob violently a couple of times. I used to be lax about locking my front door when I was at home so it was by pure lucky chance I had, otherwise he would’ve been able to come in. He was a really big guy and I was terrified, as I lived alone. After he left I went outside and he’d left a note saying ‘Just wanted to come by and say hi, merry christmas xoxoxo’ on my car. He must have followed me after asking me out and figured out where I lived. After that I was terrified every night sleeping alone.” — lemontartlemontart

“You shouldn’t get in a stranger’s car”

“I got into a strangers car without thinking it through one night when I was walking home in my little village I was about 14. I assumed it was someone I knew stopping to give me a lift as it was also raining. Got in and shut the door when I realize I have no idea who this man is, he presses the electric door locks and turns to face me and says ‘You shouldn’t get into strangers cars’ and proceeded to drive in silence for what must have been a 2 minutes, then he stopped the car and let me out. Ran home and didn’t tell anyone about it until years later.” — mrsj888

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