6 Uncomfortable Signs You're Actually Living A Happy And Fulfilled Life

6 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Actually Living A Happy And Fulfilled Life

1. You find yourself alone a lot of the time.

The best self-development typically occurs in isolation. It’s in isolation that we are able to reconnect with ourselves and our desires, without the white noise of others’ opinions and notions of society’s ideals. If you find yourself putting FOMO in your back pocket in exchange for much needed time to recharge, you have reached the best kind of fulfillment—that is, self-fulfillment.

2. You’ve ditched the specifics of your 5-year-plan.

Plans are great to have when you want to decide what action to take, but having such a specific plan can limit you. You begin to close yourself off to new and exciting opportunities in an attempt to honor a promise your past self made. Having a general idea of what you want to do, where you want to be, and most importantly who you want to be is a much more effective way to approach your life. It’s a lot scarier to not have a blueprint for everything, but it is a fear worth conquering.

3. You welcome the fact that things are constantly changing.

There can be sadness found in the temporary elements of life, but there can also be hope. I’m sure you can think of many things that felt like they would never change or never get better and then they did. Life becomes a lot more fulfilling once you learn to appreciate phases as they come rather than rush through them or cling to them.

4. You have outgrown many of the people and things you used to love.

Outgrowing certain people and activities can be one of the most bittersweet signs of personal growth. Even the things that feel like they will never get old eventually do. We live in a constantly expanding universe, and are constantly expanding our perspective as a result. You find that you are not the same person you once were, and therefore have adjusted your environment accordingly to one that fully allows you to flourish.

5. You are grateful for your past struggles.

True closure is when you can look at something that once caused you pain and feel gratitude for it. There are so many lessons that can’t be taught by an easy go, and you have become wiser as a result. You know that some things are worth struggling for and others aren’t, and you know that you have all of your past painful experiences to thank for that.

6. You are pickier than you used to be.

You are pickier in the sense of where to spend your time and energy because you know that ultimately, those decisions are what shape you as a person. However, you honoring your desires wholeheartedly has allowed you to be more open minded as to what you will find value in next. You have become pickier in who you ask for advice and opinions from and even pickier in deciding which ones hold the most weight. This life is your own, so you know it’s good to be selective and honor yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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