6 Uncomfortable Things Most Successful People Don't Shy Away From

6 Uncomfortable Things Most Successful People Don’t Shy Away From

1. Rejection

Successful people know that rejection is not a detour, a setback, or a failure. It is a necessary part of the journey. The only way to avoid rejection is to never do anything worth the risk. You need rejection to tell you what’s not working, to fuel your motivation, to make the accomplishment that much more worth the hard work. Successful people know this, and they do not let rejection deter them from what they set out to do. They operate not from “what if I never figure this out?” but rather “what do I need to do to be better next time?”

2. Difficult people

The road to success is one that requires interaction with all types of personalities. Not everyone, or hardly anyone really, is going to care enough about what you’re doing to actively try and support you. That being said, everyone encounters difficult people on their road to success. Successful people then do not avoid them but rather, learn how to work effectively with them or around them.

3. Being a beginner

No one is a “natural” at anything. They might have some raw talent, but no one can succeed on raw talent alone. It takes practice, patience and perseverance to truly master a skill. Successful people relish in the beginning stages of learning a new skill. Despite not “being good” at it yet, they find themselves hungry to get better each day. Having such a purpose, while seemingly burdensome, ends up being what makes them feel the most alive.

4. Commitment

The way you do anything is the way you do everything, and successful people know how to commit to what it is that they want. This stems from an unparalleled need to keep commitments to themselves, to have the discipline to show up for your life even when it feels like it’s at a standstill. Successful people to not bother too much with temporary fleeting pleasures because they know that the reward of grit and discipline is far more valuable.

5. Failure

Sometimes the only way to know that you are incredibly talented at something, is to find out that you suck at what you thought you really wanted to do. It’s a painful experience to go through, but you will find that finding your talent is no less exciting at any age or at any phase of life. It is okay to change your dream to align who you are now and what it is you feel you are meant to do. Don’t hold onto that which weighs you down, even if it is also keeping you warm.

6. Starting all over

Starting over is never easy for anyone – the first time anyway. Just like forgiveness, starting over is something that people perceive as weak but strengthens mental toughness in the long run. As they say, every first draft is sh**. If you want success, you have to be willing to start over and over and over again. Successful people know this, and they see it as an opportunity rather than a setback. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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