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5 Healthy Ways To Treat Yourself If You’re Going Through a Breakup This Fall

If you’re going through a breakup this Fall, it’s an important time in your life for self-care and self-improvement. Treating yourself can accomplish this, while also taking your mind off the breakup. There’s no better time to check in with yourself and be kind to yourself than during a time of adversity – especially when you’re lacking the endless social distractions that you would have had during a Summer breakup. There are healthy and unhealthy ways of treating yourself post-breakup, though, so let’s focus on staying healthy.

It’s healthy to treat yourself to a stress-relieving spa day, a fresh hairstyle to symbolize a fresh start, or a therapeutic weekend away. It’s unhealthy, however, to treat yourself to piles of junk food for stress-eating, shots-till-you-drop at the local pub, or an unsafe spree of random hook-ups.

The alone time that comes with a break-up is the perfect opportunity to finally check in with your needs, remember what you love about yourself, and reconnect with yourself. The best ways to take care of yourself after a breakup include giving yourself a confidence boost, giving yourself some “me” time and improving on yourself. Here are 5 healthy ways to treat yourself after a breakup, and why it’s so beneficial:

1. Get a New Hairstyle To Represent a New Beginning

The breakup makeover is one of the most common practices of the heartbroken – the new hairstyle being one of the most gratifying decisions. As cliche as it is, it actually works. Not only does a new hairstyle symbolize new beginnings and a fresh start – it also gives you the confidence boost you needed after being crushed by your ex.

Many women find that making an external change brightens their spirits, and the change in their hair can spur other positive changes that follow suit. Don’t spend a fortune on your new hair, though. The healthy way to treat yourself doesn’t involve buyer’s remorse when your makeover causes you to go broke. The people who compliment my hair are always surprised to hear that I go to a hair training centre. That’s right – I go to my local Future Hair Training Centre in Vancouver, where stylists-in-training make my hair look amazing on the cheap. I find that a freshly-trained student is often the best fit for the job, since techniques and trends have all been freshly taught to them. Plus, student stylists are closer to my age, and they can commiserate with me on modern-day dating hardships – which is like getting hours of free therapy while I get a confidence-boosting makeover.

Changing your hair after a breakup will make you feel beautiful, and your new hair could inspire you to become a new-and-improved version of yourself.

2. A Therapeutic Vacation To Heal Your Soul

Treat yourself to a therapeutic vacation to heal a broken heart – preferably solo. A solo getaway is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself, feel at peace, be kind to yourself and take some deep breaths while you come up with a new plan.

The best type of vacation after a breakup that left you in a fragile state, is a destination where everything that you could possibly need is at your fingertips, so that nothing has to be arranged by you. An all-inclusive resort, for example, lets you heal without worrying about anything other than your healing. Everything you desire for self-care is conveniently provided, and you don’t have to think about anything other than your new plan, your future and your goals.

A sunny all-inclusive resort is a place where you don’t have to worry about a thing other than sitting in the lap of luxury. All food and drink is included which saves a ton of money. You can treat yourself to room service anytime you like, while sitting out on your stunning ocean-view balcony and remembering that life is beautiful. A resort that comes to mind that’s perfect for a solo traveler who is recently single is Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort and Spa because it’s a rare adults-only resort with plenty of singles, and since guests get access to unlimited luxury, you’ll be truly taken care of.

3. Turn Back The Clock And Boost Your Confidence

You may have lost time with a man who wasn’t right for you, but who says you can’t turn back time? Treat yourself to an anti-aging spa day, specifically designed to make you look and feel younger, fresher and more confident.

When I looked in the mirror after my breakup, I could see how the stress of a bad relationship had aged me. I wasted no time booking my appointment at the Anti-Aging Clinic in Vancouver, where a beauty expert could help rewind the clock on my dark under-eye circles, my frown lines, and my haggered skin from bad-relationship exhaustion.

A spa day will help you let go of the past, get back to the old you, and feel confident about yourself. While you’re beautifying yourself and turning back the clock, you’re treating yourself to the self-care you deserve.

4. Give Yourself a Creative Outlet

Relationships take up so much of our time and energy, that we often neglect passion projects we used to care about, artistic hobbies we once loved, and other creative outlets that are great for self-care and self-realization.Take the free time you’ve been gifted with after a breakup to treat yourself to a creative outlet for stress. Buy some blank canvases and paint brushes if you love art, or write an article for that writing contest you’ve been wanting to enter. If you love home decor and interior design, go to a home decor store and revamp your apartment a little. An outlet for your creativity to shine is one of the greatest gifts you can treat yourself to, and you finally have the time for it.

5. Treat Yourself to That Fancy Gym Membership

There’s no better feeling than developing healthy habits, which is why starting a gym regime is a great idea after a breakup. That, and the fact that exercise boosts endorphins and increases dopamine in the brain. The new you deserves to treat herself to that fancy gym membership – the one at that really nice gym with all the great workout classes.

Now that you have extra time to actually go to workout classes, it’s probably worth the gym membership fee. The more new, healthy habits you develop post-breakup, the more you’ll believe that this breakup was actually good for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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