24 Men And Woman Share Their True Creepy Phone Call Stories That Freak You The Eff Out

via Unsplash - Mathew MacQuarrie
via Unsplash – Mathew MacQuarrie

The Basement Phone

I used to work in a building that had three levels of sub-basements, with the piece of lab equipment I typically worked on in the lowest basement. I had the only key. There was a wired phone in there, and I did work late some nights… but not this night.

I was sleeping alone in my apartment when I woke up to a call on my cell phone from my girlfriend at 3 AM, she was in hysterics and asking why I scared her. Apparently she received a call from that basement phone just a minute earlier, with someone who sounded like me slowly repeating her name, until crackling and fading out. My apartment was 10 miles away from work. I thought she was lying, but I saw the 3 AM call from the basement phone logged on her cell myself. Still freaks me the fuck out.


The Phone In Room 9325

I used to work graveyard front desk at a luxury hotel (has something to do with “the mouse”) I have several stories of haunted rooms but this best from that particular job.

One night, around 10 pm, the swing shift managers were still there and I was manning the back office telephone answering guest questions. The phone rang from room 9325 (not the real room number.) “This is odd.” I thought because at that time all the rooms in building 9 had been stripped down for rehab. There was not even chair left in those room and the entire building was barricaded by 6 foot tall construction walls.

I answered the phone and it was silent on the other end. I hung up and informed my managers (two women in their late 20s) and they decided to go out to the building and make no one was in the building (for safety reasons)

They came back 20 minutes later. Nothing. But they were scared outta their minds. They go home after 11 and my phone rings again. Same room. Same silence. This time I have to contact the “duty manager” or the only manager in charge of the resort at night. He’s a housekeeping manager and I tell him what is up.

He calls security and his “house boy” to go up with him. I get a phone call from him a few minutes later “D, I’m coming down, get the Crisis keys” The Crisis keys are the only hard keys we have that unlock the deadbolts on the doors when guests have looked themselves in the room.

He gets the keys and 30 minutes later when he returns, he says that when he arrived at the room with security, the door was deadbolted and the connecting room door was shut. He sat a security host outside the door and the house boy by the connecting door while he came to the get the keys from me. When he returned with the keys and unlocked the deadbolt, he tried to open the door but couldn’t because it felt like someone was holding it closed on the other side. Finally the door gave way and slammed open to an empty room. Nobody in the room.


Talking To Yourself

This happened about 15 years ago. I called my friend up and he wasn’t home so I left a message on his answering machine. I said, “Hey, it’s me. Sorry I missed you, call you later. Bye.” And then I hung up and left the house. I made no other calls. Later that day he called back and he says, “Wow, that was quite a message you left. Who was that girl you were talking to?” I was like, “What are you talking about? I wasn’t talking to any girl!” Well, as it turns out the message didn’t end after I said “Bye”. I had to go over to his house and listen to this message a few times. After my initial message that I did leave (as quoted above) there was a slight pause and it continues on for another 30-40 seconds or so with me talking to some girl. It was my voice, but a conversation I never had with a girl whose voice I didn’t recognize. You could compare it to the message I know I did leave and the two voices were indistinguishable. Not just the voice but, you know, talking mannerisms. It was my voice. Also, references to my occupation and activities were the same. Basically, in this conversation I was talking to this girl about going skiing but I had to go down to my shop and work on a car first, which totally correlated to me. Then the message just stopped. It was recorded on one of those digital answering machines that recorded the message to a chip so there was no tape I could have taken and had analyzed, unfortunately. Also, neither I nor my friend had party lines so that’s not an explanation. It was very freaky, I can’t explain it.


Unknown Caller

Back in 2007, my Nana passed away. My mom and my Nana had been practically best friends for my mom’s entire life; My grandparents used to leave my mom at Nana’s house when they went on vacation, so they both saw a lot of each other.

They all lived in England, until my mom moved over to the United States in 1989. She kept in touch with everyone. She would call her mom every Saturday and Nana every Sunday. My mom and Nana had a plan devised in which my mom would call her one Sunday, and then Nana would call the next, and then mom, and then Nana. I think it had something to do with phone bills, but I was pretty young so I’m not sure. They would always call each other when it was exactly 8 in the morning over here, but because Nana’s clock was slightly off she always called at exactly 8:04. Because she was calling from a different country, the caller I.D. would always come up as “UNKNOWN CALLER”. (Don’t worry, all of this information is relevant!)

So again, in 2007 my Nana passed away, on a Tuesday to be exact. My mom and I stayed home and cried most of the week, and we made plans to fly over to England for the funeral the following week. But for that first week we were staying at home, and on the following Sunday morning as we were eating breakfast my mom looked over at the clock and noticed it was 8:02. She started tearing up and said that last time she had talked to Nana, they had planned that Nana would be the one to call, and if she hadn’t passed she would be calling in exactly 2 minutes. My mom and I were pretty teary again until at exactly 8:04, I shit you not, the phone rings. We look up at each other and I think it’s safe to say I’ve never seen a more dumbfounded and terrified expression on my mother’s face. She took the phone off its stand and pointed at the caller I.D. It said, “UNKNOWN CALLER”. Now, at this point, I could feel my stomach dropping into my buttcheeks in horror, so I tried to rationalize it by saying, “Maybe it’s just a telemarketer”, but my mom shook her head and answered the phone. I could faintly hear it; It was just static and noise for several minutes. Then, it said something, and I heard it “click” meaning the caller had hung up. I asked my mom what was going on and she said it sounded like one of those scam calls you get saying that you’ve won a trip to the Bahamas or something, only she couldn’t make out anything that it was saying up until the last bit, when it just said, “Enjoy your trip to paradise!” in a very cheery, female voice and then hung up.

Since that incident, a few other inexplicable things have happened involving my Nana. While my mom and I were in England for the funeral, my dad called and said that a book had been left on the top of the stairs. It was a children’s book I hadn’t read in years and it had been kept on my bookshelf for the best part of a decade. But somehow, it had ended up lying open at the top of the stairs, and it was a book my Nana gave to me.


“I’m Amaaaazzzing”

Back when I was in high school I was into musical theater. Our community theatre had just finished Seussical the Musical in which I was the lead. I met a friend from a neighboring city named Lindsey. She was the female lead in the cast. Lindsey and I hit it off from the start. She was funny, beautiful, and could sing like an angel. We had a great time at rehearsals and started to hang out afterwards. We would go out to eat or to the park just to get away. Though we never got romantically involved because she was a female actress in the cast, if timing would have been right it might have been a different story.

The show weeks came and went and we stayed in touch. She would call from time to time and tell me how she had started a new play or found a new song she loved. Eventually it dwindled down to the occasional text or email. The last phone call I received from her was to tell me she got accepted into the New York University theatre program and that she would be moving there after the summer was over.

A couple weeks before the semester was supposed to start I was startled when I received a call from her at 3 am. She had never called that late before. I said “hello?” On the other end it was a little staticky but I could her okay. She said “Hey sweetie how or you?” She sounded a little off. “Okay, just a little sleepy” I said in a joking tone.”How are you? Is everything okay?” “I’m amaaazzzzing!” She said in a voice tinged with ecstasy.

She dragged the word out a little too long. It was odd because I knew she was never took any drugs or anything. “Well I will call you tomorrow and talk to you then. I’m pretty tired.” I said. “Okay, bye my love.” She said in almost a whisper. She only ever called me that when she was drunk. I said goodbye and hung up. I lay in bed thinking that it was a little odd that she would call me that late but thought nothing of it and fell asleep.

I received a call at 8 am from a friend of ours.” Hello? Todd?” In her voice I could hear a distinct sadness. “Yea. What’s wrong?” I said. I was worried because she is usually an upbeat person. “Todd, I don’t know how to tell you this but…..Lindsey is dead…” She said. I was in shock so I asked the only questions I could muster. “When….how..?” My friend said “Yesterday she went to a Dave Matthews band concert with her sister. It was raining at the concert. She was driving herself home in the rain and lost control. Her car hit a tree and she died instantly.” “What time did she die?” I asked. I can’t imagine how weird a question that must have been. “Around 10 pm last night.” I froze, speechless.

I know that she called me at 3 am last night, I thought. I told my friend I would call her back and hung up. I immediately checked my call log for the phone call from Lindsey. Nothing. No missed calls. No outbound calls. No calls at all that night. Nothing. I sat there in shock. “I know she called.” I said aloud. It just didn’t make sense. It wasn’t a dream because I remember waking up and looking at the clock.

Later that day I went to see all her friends and family to discuss the viewing and funeral. I told them what had happened and what she said. They all just sat there in. Her sister broke the silence “That is how she left. During the concert she lifted her head and let the rain fall on her face. She looked so peaceful and happy.” “That is how she sounded on the phone.” I said. “Just at ease.”

The funeral was beautiful. Tons of people form friends to family were there. She would have been very happy to see how it all looked. To this day I can still hear her voice every once in awhile. It brings a tinge of sadness but also hope that there is something better when we leave this world. All I can say is that when my time comes my family and friends will know that I am “Amaaazzzing”……..


“Incoming Call”

About ten years ago I had a friend pass away. A few days after he had passed, some friends and I were sitting in my car, chatting about him (the one who had died). My phone starts ringing but all it says is “Incoming Call.” No number or anything. I flip open my phone to answer it but I can’t answer it. It just keeps ringing. It rings and rings and I eventually take out the phone’s battery…and it still rings. This went on for a good 2 minutes then it stopped. It scared us at the time, but it was also kind of comforting in an odd way.


Two Calls But Only Silence

4 years ago, my friend’s father passed away and he called me since he didn’t know what to do. So I go to their house with 2 of my uncles. The body was still on the bed since the ambulance was still on the way. We were gathered at the living room: my friend, his mother, his sister, me, my 2 uncles. His mother was holding her cellphone when the cellphone of the dead father called. Twice. His mother answered it both times but no voice, no sound, nothing. They found the phone later in a cabinet but the call register did not show those 2 calls.


“Don’t Worry About Calling Back”

So I was a freshmen in high school I believe, My mom and my step dad separated because me and him didn’t get along. But they still shared a friend. That friend had 2 strokes recently and was in rough shape. They went to do stuff and left me at my mom’s house alone at the time. So lets focus on me at the moment.

I was sitting at home, playing computer games. I heard the phone ring, and the answering machine was a US Robotics 56K Modem that had a built in answering machine.

So I didn’t pick up the phone but muted my game to hear who it was so I could tell my mom when she got back, that someone called. So it was the friend of theirs saying he was okay and not to worry. Also, don’t worry about calling back. That he missed them, etc. What I did find odd at the time, was the phone’s caller ID was blank, but lit up like someone was calling. This didn’t phase me at the time since caller ID was still a new thing.

My mom came home with my ex-step dad, and I told them the friend called and they looked at me with anger and thought I was joking or something, I told them the message, and that it was on the machine and I was serious. So they checked the machine, and all the previous messages was gone, with 1 new message. They played it, and it was pure static.

They told me it wasn’t possible, because he died just a 2 hours ago (while they were out for 5 or so hours), because they got a call on their cell phones from the family members of the friend. He wasn’t able to make it though his 3rd stroke and his body just gave up.


A Constant Ringing

I used to babysit at this really nice house that was about a 30 minute drive from the nearest town. About 15 of those miles were on random gravel roads, so it was pretty isolated. A well-known billionaire in the community built the house when he started making his money. He was a really tough guy who basically put his business before his wife and family. Later on in life as his health was declining, he began to regret that. It was too late though, as he had burned bridges with most of his children. (I only know this because my dad employed his mentally challenged daughter, and had became close with his wife.)

Anyway, he died and I shit you not, he was haunting the house he built. I was at this house at least a couple times a week, and really freaky stuff started happening as soon as he died.

The dog, who was normally a pretty chill, refused to come inside for weeks and would just run around the house in a panic. He’d stand outside the window of an empty room and just bark and growl like crazy.

The 2yo started saying that he was scared all the time, and would get up in the middle of the night to check on his baby brother. He had never done that before.

There were two things that really scared me though. It was really late, probably 2am and the phone started ringing, but not in the normal way. Like it was a constant ring instead of a ring and then a pause. When I tried to answer it, there was just this clicking noise and as soon as I’d hang up they’d all start ringing again. The screen on the phone didn’t change either. It didn’t register that there was in an incoming call at all. It just kept displaying the time and number of misses calls. I had to go and manually turn the ringer volume off on each phone so it wouldn’t wake the boys up.

The second was, I heard something in the main living room and assumed that the older boy had woken up. As I was getting up to go check I heard a crash, and when I got there a tall vase holding some fake plants was on the ground and there was no one in the room. The boys were both in bed and the dog was asleep in the garage.

I know it kind of sounds ridiculous, but these things legit happened. Even if they didn’t though, the way I felt when I was in the house would have had me convinced that it was haunted. I have never felt so on edge in my life. Its like I couldn’t relax. I finally started having either my boyfriend or my (male) best friend come with me. They both felt the same way about it too.


An Impossible 911 Call

Psychiatric RN here.

My first job was in a small, 35 bed psych hospital in California. It used to be a medical facility where surgeries were performed and, of course, people died.

A couple stories here. First off, when I’d work night shift, I’d sometimes get a phone call from the local police station asking if everything was okay. Sure, everything was fine. All the patients are asleep and it was just a normal night. The police then said that they received a 911 call from our hospital and the extension from where the call was being made was the arts and crafts room (NOBODY goes in there at night, not even staff. It’s always had a creepy vibe and used to be where surgeries were performed). The caller, identifying herself as Satana, was asking for help.

This would happen about once a month or so. Night shift didn’t have much staff, so as supervisor, I knew where all my staff was because I would be the one to help relieve them during breaks. I know with 100% certainty that no staff or patients were the ones calling 911. I know it wasn’t a patient because psych hospital doors are locked and to get to that room, a patient would have to cross 3 barriers of passcode protected doors.

Creepy, right?

At other times, our PA system would turn on randomly, usually after 10PM, and you’d hear breathing and beeping machines (none of our equipment beeped). One time in particular, the PA turned on and you could hear what sounded like a kid speaking but the content of what was said couldn’t be made out. Then it stopped. Then started again and then you could hear what sounded like an outgoing call playing through the PA. This was impossible to do because to activate the PA, you pick up a phone and dial 77. Once you do that, you lose a dial tone and cannot make an outbound call. So anyhow, the PA played an outgoing call for hours, yet not a single phone was ringing in the hospital so we weren’t sure what was happening, let alone how.

It finally stopped around 6AM and our patients were pissed. Imagine trying to fall asleep to that. To this day, nobody knew how that happened and the technician we called out at the time thought we were pranking him.


Is Sarah There?

Until about a year or two ago I still had an old slider phone. One day I got a random call asking for some girl named Sarah, I told them they had the wrong number and they immediately hung up.

For the next few month I would get these calls asking for Sarah about once or twice a week, sometimes these calls came at 3 in the morning. One day I got a call and like usual I said I didn’t know Sarah, and after they hung up I went to my contacts and hit redial, after I did the machine took over and said that number did not exist.

I went back through my call history trying to call some other people that had called me with the same result, a machine telling me the number did not exist. I googled the numbers but all I learned is they were coming from North Dakota.

I started wondering what was going on so the next time I got a call asking for Sarah I said “oh yeah, she is right here” and the other person on the other end said “no she isn’t” and hung up.

Then things started getting weird when I started getting calls from “unknown” numbers calling me. Whoever or whatever on the other end hanging up the second I said hello.

The creepiest one I ever got was from a call I got where they didn’t hang up after I said hello, I could hear someone was on the other end just listening but they didn’t say anything, just something really uneasy about it.

Eventually I switched for a smart phone and I immediately stopped getting calls, I haven’t gotten a random call in almost 2 years now.


Every Morning At 4:17 AM

I used to work at a shack with one other person, and it was like a small warehouse. One day, my partner was being transferred, so that meant I would have to take the night shift. Before he left, he decided to have a talk with me. When we were talking, he told me about the pay phone that was out in front. It would always ring at 4:17 am straight, and would only ring once.

My partner said it was probably them just making sure it worked, but he never knew since he never answered it. After that, he took all of his stuff and left. So, on my first night of the night shift, I waited out in front of the door. He was right; at 4:17 am exact, the pay phone rang, but only once. The next night, I decided to pick it up and answer.

When it was 4:15, I went out to the pay phone, and looked at my watch until it turned 4:17. The phone rang, and I picked it up. There was no answer, just the faint noise of breathing, which meant someone else was on the other line. After 5 minutes of silence, I spoke, “Hello?” No one replied, so I repeated myself, “Hello?”

After a few minutes of saying hello, I gave up and hung up the phone. For the next few nights, I went out to the phone, saying hello for 5 minutes, then giving up and going back inside. Soon, I stopped going outside, but the phone continued to ring once every night at 4:17. Weeks went by, and I decided to try answering the phone again. I went out at 4:15, and waited until the phone rang.

When it did, I picked it up and called into it, “Hello?” I said hello over and over again, not taking a single breath as I did so. There was no reply, and I was about to give up before I heard another voice. As it spoke, it was a deep, husky voice. What it said was the part that still scares me to this very day.

The voice on the other line said my full name, first, middle, and last. A raspy gasp escaped my throat before I slammed the phone on back onto the pay phone. The next night, the phone didn’t ring. Even if it didn’t, I don’t intend to use it, ever. After that night, the pay phone never rang at 4:17 again.


Another Room In The Hotel

I was a junior in high school and my mother and I were hiding out in a hotel in a nearby town from her abusive husband. He had assaulted her in a violent rage a couple days prior – in front of his family even – and the cops hadn’t caught him yet and I was out of town at the time. We didn’t tell anybody exactly where we were, just that we were in a hotel. So on the second night, my mom and I were just hanging out when suddenly the hotel phone started ringing. We both looked at each other and my heart dropped. She muted the TV and we just sat and watched the phone ring until it just stopped. We waited a moment before my mom called the front desk. The room was so quiet I could hear the conversation.

Mom: Hi, I was wondering if I had just received a phone call.

Front Desk: Yes, you did.

M: Was it a man?

FD: Yes.

M: Did he have an accent?

FD: Yes, Texan. (He was from Texas)

She looked at me for a moment.

M: Where did the call come from?

FD: Another room in the hotel.

We immediately had the front desk call the police. While we waited for them to show up, we hid between our two beds. We were on the first floor, had no idea where he was, if he knew where we were, or if he had a shotgun that we knew he had access to. Police came quickly and arrested him in a room above and two rooms down from where we were. He had been texting my mom that night creepy things about our cars and how we were trapped idiots. He also had been calling the front desk to get them to come to our door so he could find us. The hotel was built with an interior balcony so you could see the first floor from the second.

This whole evening still gives me shivers.


Who Is This?

I get a call while I’m out at school (6th grade), I’d gotten several calls from this number, it’s usually this old lady talking about her son Patrick and I tell her she has the wrong number every time. I answered to tell her, once again, “wrong number”, but when I picked up it was a man’s voice who I assumed was Patrick.

When I said “hello?” he asked ME “who is this?!” I said “umm…you called me”, he said “hmmm well I don’t remember calling you Eb-” (he started to say my name, which reveals the fact that he lied about not knowing he called me and also HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME?!) he stammers and then says “uhh nevermind, but anyway, how old are you?”

I tell him I’m 11 and he says “hmm well you’ve got a sexy voice Ebony, how about I call you back later and we talk more?” I hang up the phone and block the number.


“Nobody Can Save You”

Just happened a few days ago.

I work in a hospital overnight. I have a partner for a unit of 7 patients (psych hospital). A few weeks ago my partner was out and a PRN filled her spot. This woman slept throughout the 12 hour shift knowing we have self injurious patients on the unit, one of which had to be monitored at all times. I did not feel safe and I did not feel my patients were safe with her.

I explicitly told my supervisor I did not want to work with her again without giving him specific reasons. My intention was not to get her in trouble. I just wasn’t comfortable working with her and I don’t want to get fired for someone else’s negligence.

A director, HR, and my supervisor watched the videos from that night and saw her sleeping. I had to meet with them to tell them what happened. Come to find out a nurse and a patient also saw her sleeping. She was fired rightfully so.

This past Wednesday the phone rang during the night as it frequently does and it’s usually nursing. My partner said it was for me. I pick up thinking it’s an employee from a different unit offering snacks as also frequently happens.

I looked at the caller ID to see which unit was calling and it only showed 4 digits which I thought was weird but didn’t think too much about it. A woman didn’t speak for quite a few seconds with me saying ‘hello?’ a few times. Finally, she says my name. I answer. Then she starts speaking rapidly saying ‘I’m coming to see you. Stay there. Don’t leave’. I’m just like ‘ok?’ thinking I’m not leaving and what are you coming up here for. Then she says ‘I wanna thank you for a job well done’. Up to that point I was just confused but then it clicked. Is this the woman that was fired? Is she really on campus right now? She worked here for years so she knows the gate code and has friends here so she could borrow a badge and get into our unit.

By then I’m saying ‘what are you talking about?’ and ‘who is this?’. She says ‘stay there. Don’t run. I’m coming up the hill. Nobody can save you’ and hangs up.

I quickly tell my partner the contents of the phone call and she’d heard my side of it. I call the supervisor on duty and he’s not very concerned. He says he’ll come by in a little while.

I was too scared to look out the windows and see if she was coming up the hill, honestly. What did she mean by those last few sentences? Is she outside right now with a gun or something?

My partner was freaked out, too. Just last week someone called her son from a blocked number and threatened to shoot him at school so she wasn’t taking this lightly.

After about an hour, I worked up the nerve to look out every window as I made my rounds to check on patients. Thankfully she did not appear to be on campus and I didn’t get anymore calls the rest of my work week. There is now an investigation underway.

I’ve really never gotten a scary call so this may be tame. I haven’t read any other comments yet. But, I made sure to call my mom, sister, and boyfriend in case I wasn’t coming home that morning.


Phone Sex

When I was about 16 or 17 I answered the phone in the middle of the night (landline, cellphones weren’t a thing yet) and picked it up really quickly (I’m a light sleeper) so it wouldn’t wake my mother since I assumed a late night call would be for me or my sister. I whispered hello, and he whispered back, and it was a little weird, but I just assumed it was my boyfriend. He starts asking what I’m wearing and all, and before long we’re having full on phone sex.

It was pretty great, actually, but then a few days later I was with my boyfriend and mentioned how that was fun on the phone the other night. He had no idea what I was talking about.



I live in the middle of practically no where, about a 15 min. drive without traffic to the small town by us.

When I was in about 5th grade, my parents were at work. I was home from school and watching TV, so I get a call from an older guy saying I had a really nice blue shirt on. I asked how he knew that and he laughed.

I locked my doors to my house and closed my curtains and the guy was laughing. I hadn’t hung up the phone yet and I was freaking out. The guy asked where my parents were and I said my dad was taking a shower. He replies by chuckling and saying, “Sure.”

I hung up the phone, called my parents and told them about it. They called a police officer to come talk to me about it and they patrolled our neighborhood for a couple days. It was seriously horrifying.


“Give Us P.J.”

I was 13 about, and i get a phone call on my bullshit flip phone that had like 3 contacts. You know the one.

Me: Uh, hello?

caller: We want PH, give us PJ back.

Me: I don’t know who PJ is.

Caller: I said we want PJ back click

After the call a black car pulled up to my house and at the same time I heard knocking on my back door. It was two kids asking for PJ

The man that came out of the car looked at me through the window and said “you have PJ, fucking give us PJ back.”

Mind you, PJ are my mother’s initials.

My older sister was the only other person in the house, she grabs a knife and calls the cops. The car pulled off and I never saw nor heard from them ever again.


“Come Pick Me Up”

It wasn’t a phone call, but a string of texts I received.

I moved out of my folks house in WA down to TX when I was 19 for a career I was extremely fortunate to land in at my age. After living there for maybe 4 months, I get a message from a number out of Ohio saying ‘hey, how are you?’ blah blah blah. I didn’t know anyone from Ohio. Never met anyone from Ohio. I reply back with a who is this, how do I know you, all of that. This person tells me we met locally at a Mexican restaurant and exchanged numbers. I don’t remember doing any of that shit. I ask for a name and a picture, as I’m better with faces than names initially. The picture this person sends is of a gorgeous girl, like model type. Definitely did not meet her ever before in my life.

As the day progresses, ‘she’ tells me she’s moving to my area, but is still in Ohio. She also knows a few things about me, like the general area I live in, the color of my eyes, what kind of car I drove, but nothing too important or specific that I would ever share with anyone outside of pleasantries. I’m still weirded out over the fact that I have NO CLUE who I’m talking with. She asks me to tell her about myself, but I’m highly untrusting of this. I dismiss her and leave it at that for the night.

The next morning, she asks me if I can pick her up from a restaurant in a town about 60 miles away. Now I’m becoming even more suspicious. I ask the name, she tells me. I ask if I look it up, will I find it? She says I would, and to come pick her up as soon as possible. Something amiss. I can’t find the restaurant, the name doesn’t even exist in Google. I tell her I’m not coming to pick her up. She replies with ‘fuck you’s and ‘you’re obviously gay’ and ‘stop acting like a bitch’. I just ignore it from there.

Later on in the day, I show all of this to a friend of mine. He responds with ‘Dude, this a guy. Women don’t act like this. This a dude doing this. I don’t know what he wants from you, but this sounds dangerous to me’. The town ‘she’ wanted me to go drive to is a small border town known for alien and drug smuggling, along with a cartel/gang presence.

I have no idea how this person ever got my number, knew my name, knew some minor personal details about me, or what they wanted from me, but it was the single-most creepy thing to ever happen to me over the phone.


A Call From 1995

At the office after hours, alone. Phone rang, picked it up to a woman frantically screaming “You gotta help me!” -click- Never found out who it was or what it was about.


Lost Forever

Shortly after my mother died, I got a whole bunch of phone calls, that were nothing but static and clicks and pops, and in one instance I could have sworn I heard the words, “I love you.” The answering machine recorded one of them, and I was determined to keep it, but the power went out and cleared everything that was previously on there.



Many years ago, when married to my first husband, I received a telephone call at about 4:20 a.m. It was my elder brother telling me he had just gotten married. The call woke up my husband and I spoke with my brother for about five minutes. I hung up and went back to sleep. About a week or so later, I was visiting at my mother’s home and this same brother was there with his wife. I thanked him for calling me… and I got this odd stare and his mouth fell open. He told me he had called our mother, but he had never called me at all. I turned to my mother and she related the entire conversation she had had with him, and then I related the entire conversation I had had with him – and these conversations were literally identical and at the exact same time.



When I was about 11 I got up around 3AM to go to the bathroom. I walked in, peed, washed up (just kidding, I was 11 and it was 3AM, fuck that shit), started walking back to my room and as I walked through the living room I heard the telephone ring. This was the mid-90s so it was a landline.

Confused and slightly startled, I walked over to the phone, picked it up, and heard someone screaming. It was distorted, almost sounded like radio static that was trying to talk to me. I kept saying “what?” and “huh?” Finally after trying to make out what it said, the static got REALLY loud, and through it I heard, very clearly, very loudly “GET OUT NOW!!!!!”

I just hung up the phone really quickly and ran to my mom’s room and told her what happened. She was too tired to really say much. She had a little cot in the room and I just slept with her that night. Never really thought about it again until today.


Porn In The Background

For a period of 6 months we’d receive calls from an unknown caller almost daily and usually a couple of times throughout the day. The caller would have what sounds like porn in the background playing for the duration of the call. Never said anything.

The calls would take place usually in the afternoon and occasionally at 4 o’clock on the morning. Threats didn’t help relent their harassment so wasn’t much we could do besides hang up.

One day I picked up and listened for a bit, which I suppose was unusual behavior from my end. The moaning intensified and then I could hear a stiffled chuckle. I slowly asked the caller, “What is it that you want? Are you lonely?”. They immediately hung up and never called back again.

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