‘She Took My Pants Off And Said *Wow*’ And 19 Other Real Sex Stories To Read In Bed This Weekend



I was lazing in bed one Sunday morning with my SO. We’re lightly fooling around and chatting about sex. I love nipple stimulation and mention how I liked them squeezed really hard. We get an idea and he nips downstairs to the kitchen and comes back with two different types of clothes pegs. We try the wooden ones first but they hurt too much, the plastic ones still cause intense pain but I can just about take it. We’re lying next to each other and I’m feeling pretty good about being able to take it when I notice that I’m insanely turned on, I mention this to him and he slips his hand down there to check for wetness. I’m soaked!

He immediately gets the hardest boner ever. Feels like I can barely get my hand around it. He tries to finger me but I can’t wait. I throw him on the bed and jump on his magnificent cock. I cum almost immediately, really hard. Hard enough to push him out of me but I’m on top so I use my bodyweight to keep him in. I can feel my pussy contracting around him, he has this huge grin on his face. Almost as soon as I finish orgasming I’m aware of the clamping pain on my nipples, it sets me off again so I fuck him a bit more. It takes virtually nothing before I cum again. Over and over I repeat this cycle, I cum five times in five minutes. It’s insane, my body has become some kind of orgasm machine. I can’t take any more and ask him to take the pegs off me. Bloody hell that hurts!

I lay down to recover while he massages my poor abused titties with this dopey ear to ear grin on his face. I needed a bit of time to compose myself but then fair’s fair I suck him off until he cums (it doesn’t take long, he was so turned on). Afterwards we lay in each other’s arms wallowing in our love for each other.


Enthusiasm. I once hooked up with a girl who had it in spades. When I replay that night over in my head there’s not really anything physical about her or the sex that stands out.

But, my god. This woman was enthusiastic. She made me feel like a God damn porn star from the moment when she got my pants off and said “oh wow” to later when she was saying shit like “your cock is so deep inside me.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself to be anywhere near a sexual God our anything, but this girl sure made me feel that way.


I had a short term relationship with a girl I met through some mutual friends. My girlfriend at the time approved of me having sex on the side for a little fun while she was out of the country.

This girl just had an INSANE amount of fun doing everything. She actually acted like she was not only enjoying it, but having FUN every moment of everything that was happening. She was riding me like I was a swingset, smiling the whole time. We told jokes to each other. When we were done, we talked about fun times we’d had and sex with other people. Then we fucked again.

Three weeks.

After that we moved to different states and remained great friends over Facebook. When I met her new boyfriend, we all joked about how loud she was in bed.

That was as close as I’ve ever been to a poly relationship. Being with a girl who really showed that she not only enjoyed the sex but was also having FUN was awesome.

She enjoyed sex because she found it fun, not just pleasurable, and she showed that she did. Many girls in my experience enjoy it but are either more reserved, or more intense during the act, and not so much constantly smiling.

4. The Optimistic Guy

The best sex I’ve ever had was with a guy who, in every aspect of his life, was so optimistic and enthusiastic about everything. He made me feel, like you said, like a fucking porn star. It was incredible and he made me feel so comfortable and confident. We were just kind of in between dating and FWB because we were both moving 4000 miles away in opposite directions six months from the day we met, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget sex with him. It makes me happy to think about, and I’ve been able to carry what I loved about sex with him into my other sexual relationships.


We were on the edge of a bluff that skirted a closed golf course in Whangarei, New Zealand. On acid. It happened because we got turned on by the waves, crashing into the rocks below. It was a night with a full moon, and the water seemed to be made of black latex. The waves would rhythmically slam into the hard, black granite. Making a sucking, slurping sound as it drew back, leaving gentle frothy licks before suddenly plunging into the rocks for more. We simultaneously decided that we needed to fuck. Immediately. I pulled her pants off and ate her for a while, before slowly entering. It was definitely the acid… but that night, I felt like I finally understood her vagina. I could feel gestures and contractions that seemed to happen almost autonomously. We’ve been having sex for over a year and a half, but this time I felt like I was really getting to know its texture and personality. At one point, it felt like our respective parts had blended, and we were stirring a mystic soup.


My SO and I have been together off and on for 3 years now. I was sexually abused by my stepdad when I was younger and have a lot of insecurities when it comes to sex with guys. It’s something we’ve been working on our whole relationship. I’ve never been able to get out of my head.

But about 2 months ago, something just changed. I stayed the night, which wasn’t unusual, and we started kissing and touching each other. But this time it was just so sensual and intense. I don’t know what changed or where it came from.

He ate me out for a solid 20 minutes and by the end I was shaking uncontrollably. I sucked his dick until he came and I swallowed, which I haven’t done in a long time.

I got on top of him and rode his dick for the longest I ever have, I honestly lost track of time. I didn’t have to stop and rest, I just kept going and going. We were both drenched in sweat, making it much easier for me to grind on him.

I squirted for the first time when I was on top of him. I’ve since learned that it’s easy for me to recognize the angle that he needs to hit for me to squirt, but I can never distinguish when it’s actually happening. I honestly don’t know how many times I squirted but it was everywhere.

He pushed me off and laid me down, pulling my legs over his head. He fucked me hard for a few minutes and I squirted more- I don’t know how many times still. We couldn’t sleep on the bed that night and it was still wet when we woke up early the next afternoon.

Our sex life has vastly improved since that night, but I’ve still never squirted that many times or that much again.

7. She Woke Me Up At 4AM

My girl came over with all intentions of just passing out all night. (She was working a very shitty job at the time) So she gets there and we cuddle and go to sleep, next thing I know she’s waking me up at 4 am because she’s horny. Things get hot and heavy and we get a little rough like normal, and then out of nowhere she grabs my neck and starts squeezing and at first I freak out, but then I realize I love it, and we keep going till we both finish at the same time. And then proceed to pass out and sleep till 1 pm.


For Valentine’s Day two years ago, my SO and I decided to rent a hotel room for a day-long sex marathon. We went crazy that day, just fucking on every surface of the room. The highlight though was him tying me spread-eagle on top of one of the tables in my school girl outfit I wore for him, and opening the curtains of the room so I could be “exposed” to the high rise office building that was across from the hotel. That element of exhibitionism while he fucked me raw was absolutely amazing. It was also the first time we tried some more intense BDSM stuff like choking and gagging me with my panties. It was so incredibly amazing, and now we’ve made it a tradition to spend Valentine’s Day at a hotel every year.


A friend and I were spending a lot of time together one summer- cute dates (picnics, going to the zoo, movies, dinner, you name it), late nights, and long talks… we had kissed, and were rarely found not holding hands or walking arm-in-arm. One night we were at my place, watching a movie and it started to pour- an immediate torrential downpour.

She turns to me, kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear “let’s go outside”, gets up and gently tugs at my hand, pulling me outside. We run around in the rain, barefoot and soaked- after a couple of minutes, we decide we’re too cold and have to go back inside, but we stop in front of the walkway and kiss for a good long while before going inside.

Inside, we’re both sopping wet- soaked through to the bone. I suggest we change into something dry, and she coyly replies “why not just get out of it?” So… we do- our clothes left by the door, she wraps herself around me and I walk us up to my bedroom where we proceed to have the most amazing, loud, passionate sex until the sun comes up.

Afterwards, my back was positively covered in scratch marks, and we both had hickeys everywhere. We ended up going over to a friend’s house that night to swim and then drink outrageously, and we had the same sex again that night- practically the whole week was spent relaxing and going out during the day and then wildly screwing each other at night.


Mine was very recently with my SO.

I had my fair share of partners during college etc but the first time my SO and I slept together he immediately shot to the number one spot.

So he was away for a wedding, when he got back he had a friend staying with him, his friend was sleeping in his bed, he and I were on his sofa-bed.

We were cuddling and he was buzzed and not really sleepy. He asked if I wanted to spoon I said sure, he pressed his hard cock right up on my ass. I started grinding against it. He said he didn’t want to have sex in case his friend heard us so I started licking his cock instead. He stopped me and started teasing my tits.

Usually I like kinda rough stimulation, biting my nipples HARD, but this time he just went so slowly and so gently, it drove me crazy!! After maybe 10-15 mins of having my tits teased like that I couldn’t take it anymore.

I begged him to fuck me and he obliged. As we weren’t on a proper bed or anything we could only really do missionary but it was intense and so loving and just… Wow!!


The best sex I ever had was in college with a FWB. She came over to fuck like she normally does. Making out, I went to the drawer to pull out a condom but forgot we used the last condom the last time we fucked. I told her I didn’t have a condom. We continued making out (her on top) while she grinded her pussy on my cock. At some point, she sank down on it. We fucked for a LONG time! Against the wall. Bent her over the bed. Bent her over the desk. Missionary. In the window. Everywhere. Back to the bed with her on top I was ready to cum. I told her I was going to cum. She started riding me harder. I said again I was going to cum. She started long stroking my cock – lifting up until just the head was in her pussy then sinking down. I went to grab her hips to get her off me. She grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the sides of my head while she rode my cock. I came HARD in her pussy! It was the first time I ever came inside a woman before. It was the greatest orgasm I had to that date.

I’ve had some good ones, but this one I will remember forever.


I had my first threesome one night (me, SO, and friend), up until the wee hours of the morning at the friend’s place.That was awesome and mind opening and beautiful but it’s not my best. My best time was the morning after the threesome when my SO and I were alone again: it was just missionary but it was so incredibly passionate and urgent and connected that it blew my mind even more than the amazing threesome. It was like some new, deeper connection had been made between us after that night and manifested itself as mind-exploding sex.


When I was 18 I was at a house with a circle of fracquaintances. Of all the people there, I knew him the least; we had had a few conversations previous, but nothing indicated that he was into me, so to speak.

There was a general “keep up” drinking contest in which I was of course participating, so by my 4th beer inside of an hour and a half (I was about 5’2″, 130lbs. at the time), I was drunk but not too drunk. More like at that wonderfully happy, invincible stage.

I had gone downstairs for a smoke and was climbing a set of stairs to the side room where we were chilling, and he was coming down. We met about halfway, stopped, and just looked at each other.

I said hi.

He said hi.

He slams me into the wall and begins kissing me, forcefully, without any of the sloppy drunkenness or inexperience I had come to expect from my peer group (although he has 3 years on me, so that helped). We run to his room and the door slams behind me. I say something like, “You know I’m not just going to have sex with you,” and he responds with something like, “Oh I know,” and then I’m up against the wall again, wrapping my legs around him (he’s only slightly taller than me and very muscular so we had great angles for all of this), then he threw me on the bed, went down on me while wrapped around my legs so I couldn’t escape, even after I had already cum twice and was kicking like crazy. I sucked his dick to a hardness heretofore unknown to humankind. Then we fucked in multiple positions for the next hour. We were interrupted at some point by people just walking in, but continued regardless, like the troopers we are.

This particular session was my first indication that I wanted to be dominated in bed, that the last thing I wanted was someone tenderly stroking my hair and asking me if I’m okay every 5 seconds. This was hot and spontaneous and just fucking brilliant.


One night my friend and his girlfriend ask me to go bowling one night, I decide to get out of the apartment, and they invited a friend along. It was a friend of the girlfriend’s who wanted to get out of the house too, she was someone I had met I think briefly once before, but only in passing. We all went bowling, and throughout the night I kept finding myself checking out the girl’s ass when she went up there. When she’d come back I’d kinda half assed put my arm on the back of the chair kinda around her but only lightly flirted.

Fast forward to the end of bowling, we all decide to come back to my apartment to watch a movie, my friend and his girlfriend are on one end of the couch, and me and the girl were kinda near the other (not cuddling, or anything). About 20 minutes into the movie I decide what the hell and put my hand on her upper thigh, to which she covers with her hand. At this point there’s insane sparks. About 5 minutes pass and then I just turn to her, she turns to me, and we start making out like teenagers. My friend didn’t notice really, and his girlfriend was all but asleep in his lap. I whispered to the girl “want to move this to my bedroom” to which she stands up and walks right to.

I follow her with about a 5 second lag time, and when I get to the bedroom she’s already laying on her back with her pants off. She asks if I have a condom and it’s on. This girl was the most enthusiastic woman I’ve ever experienced in bed, I was throwing her into all different positions, and she was squealing with delight in every one. What made it extra special is that she was the first girl I had ever been with that had her pubic hair completely waxed, which made going down on her the most pleasurable time I’ve ever had doing that for someone.

Then we turn the tables and she decides to go down on me, which typically isn’t the easiest thing to get me off from, however she was AMAZING, my moans seemed to be a treasure map for her to follow, as she always took my breathing and grunts as cues to what was good, and what was amazing! Then it came time for me to come, at which point I informed her of this(because I had never been with a girl that swallowed before and that’s common courtesy), to my surprise, she doubled her efforts and made me come harder than I had ever come before right into her mouth which she promptly swallowed with pride.

I was astonished at this whole series of events. However while we had been going at it for a good 30-45 minutes including foreplay and penetration, she hadn’t come yet (which she seemed to be ok with). I then asked her if she’s able to come while masturbating, and she said yes. So I grabbed her hand and guided it down to her still wet slit and started helping her rub it slowly, once she started getting a rhythm going I started to also masturbate with her in sync, while also kissing her all over, caressing her magnificent breasts, and occasionally helping her rubbing. After about 5 minutes, we both came with a powerful orgasm at the same time. She turned to me and said “that was fucking hot!” After that both of us just laid there coming down from some of the most unexpected, statically charged sex.

After that night I found out that my friend and his girlfriend had been hearing the girl’s moaning and noises, and felt pretty uncomfortable so they left. To this day, that was the hottest, and best sex of my life. And the sad part is after that night, we never saw each other again although we’re still friends on Facebook.


I would go out on walks to a local park with this guy that I had been seeing for a while, and one time we sat down and he started rubbing my upper thigh – there were only a few people in the park, no one was paying attention.

We would also have sex in his apartment in front of windows with the blinds half-open and I’d be like “what if someone sees us?” and he’d say not to worry, but I think he loved the thought of people watching.

This escalated until one day, while we were out walking, we considered having sex outside. We looked around, scoping out a good spot until we found a semi-wooded area behind an apartment complex.

I was holding on to a cement block for dear life. I was bent over, and he was taking me from behind. The cement kind of hurt but I couldn’t feel anything at that point besides his dick behind me. He reached forward to grab my throat and squeeze until I could barely breathe.

I don’t think I’ve ever come as hard as that time. I loved the risk.


The best sex I’ve had to date was with my boyfriend, about a week and a half ago. Necessary background: he’s clinically depressed and has a very low libido, I have a high one but haven’t been as energetic due to stress and such. So sex doesn’t come along very often, and when it does, I usually mess it up for myself by thinking of stressful things. We were watching some vampire skin flick from the 90s, and cuddling. He was very affectionate, holding me very tightly… Until midway through the movie, at which point he pauses and announces that he’d like to eat me out.

Who am I to argue? His technique was gorgeous as always, and after about 10 mins of that, we settle back in and start the movie again, except now I’m all riled up. I start stroking him, nuzzling him. Not long after, we paused again to fuck. I can honestly say that it was among the most passionate sex we’ve ever had. It was rough when it needed to be and gentle when it needed to be… It was just perfect. His energy was boundless; it was like he was desperate to have my body, to feel every inch of me, inside and out. And in turn, that passion brought me in, and made me focus, so I could enjoy myself even more. Whoo.


We had been dating for a month and a half when all of a sudden, while he was on top of me, making love to me, he looked me in the eyes and didn’t look away. We didn’t look away until we came simultaneously. As dumb as it sounds, I feel like that was the day I knew I loved him. I had had my suspicions but I hadn’t had that kind of intimacy with anyone else ever before..and haven’t since for that matter. I remember after he lay on top of me and I refused to let him go. I never wanted him to pull out. I hugged him and I maaaay have had one or two tears fall…


I was seeing this guy who I had been attracted to for sometime. I moved off to college and was moving back to my hometown. We started talking and hung out often. I stayed the night occasionally.

He tried to have sex with me but I was determined to make him wait for it. I think we actually waited 3 weeks and the sexual tension was just insane.

The first time we had sex was insane. He talked all this crap saying how he could do this and do that and lord could he.

He started off by kissing up and down the inside of my thighs. Then started his magic on my pussy with his tongue. It was mind blowing how well he could eat pussy. He then slid fingers in and after having my cum, he slid up to kiss me, fingers in my pussy still. At this point i was begging him to fuck me.

He pulled me to the end of the bed, bent me over and slowly and pushed his dick in. Let me say he had a huggggeee dick. Biggest I’ve ever had. He then started to fuck me faster and pulling my hair. I’ve never had an easy time getting off without stimulation of my clit, but he was able to get me off without it. I had an orgasm. After which I climbed on top, and grinded on him until he orgasmed. After he got off, he told me I had the tightest pussy he had ever been with.

It was probably the best sex ever because of how he made sure I was priority. Plus the big dick did wonders too.


Dating this girl for a few weeks. Sex was awesome. So we go on a date to a park, and there are lots of people there and even geese. We lay our blanket out, eat from our picnic basket. After we finish, we’re just sitting next to each other, enjoying the cool breeze, watching the geese. It’s November, so it’s pretty cold. I have a jacket. I get a devious idea. I take it off and bridge the gap between us. Then I sneak my hand across the way. I start rubbing her thigh. She has this look on her face, like “We’re in public, maybe we shouldn’t” but she still opens her legs a bit. I slide deeper. Her panties are wet. So wet. I’m immensely turned on. But this isn’t about me. I slip her panties to the side. She is blushing but she doesn’t stop. My hands slip in so easily. She closes her eyes and bites her lips. I get knuckle deep, and rub the anterior fornix. I love that spot. Feels nice on my fingers. Anyway, she cums in seconds. I can feel her clamp my fingers together. I pull my fingers out and clean them. She opens her eyes and is trying not to fall over. I go at it a second time. Her whole body rocks. I pull my fingers out after the second time and let her clean it this time. We go home and she rides me like a demon.

Here’s another one.

I used to work at a college. I fixed computers and projectors. I often worked later at night, when there were few classes, so few people around. I invited her over when I was on my lunch break. I had keys to all the class rooms. I found a good one that somehow didn’t have cameras in the hall. We slipped in. We fooled around a bit. Kissing, groping. I then undid the buttons on her pants and unzipped her. She decided to tease me by trying to run out of the room. I freaked out because there was a big window on the door, I thought she might be seen. I pulled her back, and dropped her pants all the way down. She bent over. I dropped her panties, then slid in. She was so wet. I pounded her, she could barely keep from falling to her knees. She started that familiar penis-gripping contractions. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came inside her. When I came, it made her cum harder.

20. HER FIRST TIME With The Lights On

I was dating a girl after I joined the military. I was her first and had basically been coaching her on relaxing, being open to talk about sex, and telling me when I did things right/wrong.

One day we’re going at it for the first time with the lights on. She starts getting close and for the first time whimpers “I’m gonna cum…” in a trembling way that made every muscle in my body shake.

Then… and I’ll never forget this… she pushes me away. She didn’t want to cum too fast and leave me hanging. (She learned later how to talk dirty and finish me off in a matter of seconds).

Well this time she has her shins against my chest and every time she got close she pushed me back and held me there until she regained her composure.

I have never been teased so hard in my life before or since. I came so hard it hurt, in the best of ways, and I’m pretty sure that was the first night I told her I loved her.

Best sex I ever had, and no one has ever gotten close to that level of intimacy since.

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