5 Things To Remember When All Your Friends Have Boyfriends And You’re Still Single


1. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Our first instinct when something isn’t working out the way we want it to is to figure out what they have and we don’t. Ultimately, the answer is probably just luck. Assuming you have a similar sociability level as the rest of your friends, there really isn’t much that you could be doing differently. Sometimes there’s just one little quality mixed with a stroke of luck that gives all your friends beaus and you an extra glass of wine at the bar.

2. It’s not your right to become a jealous bitch.

It’s so easy to look at pictures of people on Instagram with their boyfriends and think, I’m so much prettier than her… how does she have a boyfriend when I don’t? Or, it’ll never last. Ultimately, that kind of cruel ugliness is exactly what’s not going to get you a boyfriend. Contrary to belief, nice girls don’t alway finish last and it’s better to express happiness for people late than never. It at least makes for some good karma!

3. Don’t give up.

Staying in your apartment watching ‘Legally Blonde’ and re-runs of ‘Sex and the City’ in your pyjama pants isn’t how you find someone to call your own. In fact, becoming a total shut in is a way to practically guarantee that you’ll stay single. Unless you anticipate yourself falling in love with your delivery guy from the takeout place of your choice, you gotta keep going out there.

4. Dating apps are fun, but they’re not the only way.

So many of my friends have met S.O.’s or at least people they’ve gone on dates with through dating apps. They swear by it – “It just works”, one of my friends stubbornly argues.

Yeah, maybe that’s your thing, but it isn’t mine. I much prefer talking face to face with someone. If I was going to use online dating, I’d at least want it to be one of the reputable ‘I’m not looking for a one night stand’ sites. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because we’re millennial does not mean we are obligated to do everything online.

5. Remember that times are changing.

I recently read a Cosmopolitan article that the American woman’s ideal age to get married is 29. So why stress about your early 20 friends who claimed they’ve found “the one” when statistics show that people are settling down later than ever — choosing education and career over settling down and starting a family at the same age our grandparents did.

The reality is, even if your friends all claim they’ve found “the one,” some of them have, but most of them probably haven’t. There isn’t the pressure to meet the love of your life at 21 anymore, and us single gals should consider ourselves lucky. That just leaves us more time to have fun out there and figure out what we really want. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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