17 People On The Creepiest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them

TW: some of these get really dark.

Creepy uncle

“When I was a child, an adult male family member told me he would get “perverse pleasure” in making me cry.

In my 30s now, and if I have to cry I still make every effort to do it in private.” — scalder-

Trapped with a creeper stepdad

“”Your pheromones smell good.”

I was a 16 year-old girl. The person saying it was my stepfather…

We were alone in the car together on an hour long drive…..” — throw09876543away

Casual killer

“When I was at University, during the summer I go back home and work on farms, mostly picking up hay. Every year there’d be different workers. Some good, some bad. Some – well, one ‐ downright scary.

This one bloke had been in the Mongrel Mob – a gang in New Zealand which tends to attract the absolute scum of society. He, though, wasn’t too bad a chap. Quite funny and hard-working. Just what you want on your team when you’re spending 10 hours a day picking up hay bales.

One day, I was driving the truck to another farm with him riding shotgun. We started talking about one of the other workers. I knew him from Uni and he had come up for the work on my suggestion. At uni he seemed a decent sort. But he soon showed his true colours of being a useless, racist pos.

I was complaining about the useless prick, apologising for being responsible for him being there. I jokingly suggested maybe we could arrange a “farm accident”. Tractor back over him, a stack of hay bales collapse on him. That sort of thing.

At this point the mongrel mobster casually mentioned he knew people who, for just $5000, would kill and dispose of anyone. Said they had a set-up out in the bush (NZ speak for middle of nowhere) where they’d feed the body to pigs then dispose of any remains (teeth, bones) in an acid bath.

The completely casual way he spoke of this was really unsettling.” — Silly-Power

My husband was planning my murder

“Towards the end of our marriage, my ex husband got really angry with me one day and began to explain in detail how he could murder me and get away with it. He laid out every detail and gave rationales behind each one to prove why his method would be fool proof and result in him never getting caught.

It really made me open my eyes to his abuse and fear for my life knowing he had been meticulously planning this out in his head. It made it worse that he had gotten to the point that he was comfortable sharing this with me, as if I wouldn’t be around long enough to do anything about it.” — hail_mary_jane

He’s a cop now

“Had a boyfriend who once casually told me he would commit a murder suicide if I ever broke up with him. He tried to say it as a joke but the longer I’m out of that relationship the more convinced I become that he wasn’t joking. He’s now in police academy so…that’s worrisome.” — MorbidlyScared

School shooter

“I went to middle school in a not so good neighborhood so lots of kids were involved in gang activity. this one kid had some anger issues but honestly wasn’t a bad person and we got along well. one day in class he leans over and asks “do you want to see it?” and before i could reply he flashes a gun from his bag. immediately my face fell and he follows it up with “don’t worry, you’re good.”

this could have VERY EASILY been a much worse situation. middle school me wasn’t smart enough to tell anyone, but i told him to leave it home since the staff could check our lockers and bags. i wasn’t worried about him using it in school, but i should have been. thank goodness nothing ever happened.” — killakirakira

“Mutually toxic” sure buddy

“I had a co worker tell me “I Could probably just kill someone and not feel anything about it. Especially if they had it coming” mind you, this was after we got done chatting about his mutually toxic relationship….” — ElectricKettleGoBoom

Yearbook premonition

“In high school a girl a year older than me wrote “death waits for no one” in my year book. She passed away a few years later and I still think about what she wrote…” — eastsidecousincoven

Middle school stalker

“Not told me but showed me. When I was in middle school this girl sat by me at the lunch table and showed me that she carved my name into her arm and then went on to tell me she loved me. I had never said anything more than hi while walking by her before that.” — Elegant_Earthworm

Homeless creep

“Once when I was 11 I was eating a popsicle on the promenade when a homeless man came up to me and whispered in my ear that I have a very sexy mouth. I’ve never eaten a popsicle or ice cream in public since.” — polywha


“We were both high on home-grown tincture at a cabin in the backwoods somewhere, and my friend turned to me fully serious and said “I see people who aren’t there. Even when I’m sober.”

“Do you see them now?”

“No, but there were others with us in the hot tub earlier.”

That messed me up for the rest of the weekend.” — XJFlaxon-Waxon

Creepy doctor

“I work in healthcare. I once had a dr walk up behind me, grab my hair (which I wore in braids or a bun) and tell me “I bet when someone wants to take you they grab you and take you.”

I just tried to laugh it off, but I was shocked.” — bsn2fnp1

Creepy therapist

“When I was 16 I had a male therapist tell me that men “can’t help feeling attracted to me” because my eyes and lips make me look like I’m “aroused”. I was speaking to him partly because I had been assaulted by an adult male that year. I was so embarrassed I never told anyone about this and I am still mad at myself for not saying anything.” — westcoast_pixie

The most frightening opinion

“All women should be raped to put them in their place.” — LactatingWolverine

“So curious”

“A guy once told me that before he died, he wanted to kidnap someone, tie them up, and experiment with cannibalism. He said he was “so curious” how someone’s face cheek tasted.” — 89koalas

Psych unit

“When in school I had a rotation on a psych unit and one of the patients was describing this woman he saw through the window and how he wanted to kill her and do horrific things to her on the hood of his car, then he looked at my classmates and said that he would do it to them too. Needless to say, he got to stay on the unit longer because of that.” — pelagius_septim

Evil kids

“Back in middle school, a girl asked me if I had a peanut allergy, being the dumb 7th grader I was, I said no and didn’t think much of it. turns out, she was intending to give someone an allergic reaction, my friend overheard her talking about it and told a teacher before telling me. It’s one of those scenarios where it isn’t creepy outright just a little weird without context, but when you know the context, it becomes disturbing.” — the-irs-open-up