20+ Coronavirus Slang Words To Drop In The Coronapocalypse Group Chat

Strange times we live in. Coronavirus has completely taken over our minds and the world around us. Many of us are glued to the news or at least watching our culture change completely over group chat.

If you’re behind on Coronavirus memes or Coronavirus slang and sayings, this is an opportunity to catch up and see how other people are handling their isolation and fears. This isn’t to make light of the Coronavirus pandemic and all the people it has affected. You may find these Coronavirus slang words helpful to use when expressing your feelings, or you might just find them a big of comic relief from your anxiety.

Try dropping these in your Coronapocalypse group chat and seeing if you can lighten up your friend’s mood. You could even turn this into a guessing game with your friends to pass the time and bond. Whatever your use for this list of Coronavirus slang, we hope it makes you feel a bit better!

Coronapocalypse: The literal end of the world, brought to you by Coronavirus/Covid-19.

Coronaphobia: The intense fear of catching the Coronavirus.

Trump Flu: Another name for the Coronavirus/Covid-19. To be used in response to someone calling the virus the “Chinese Flu”.

Boomer Flu: See “Trump Flu”.

Boomer Remover: A way to refer to the Coronavirus when you are losing an argument with a boomer about whether to take it seriously.

Apocalypse Wife:When you quickly bundle up with someonebecause the world is ending and you don’t want to be alone.

Coronator: Someone who has acquired and conquered the Coronavirus.

Corona-uber: People who don’t take Coronavirus seriously and go out spreading Coronavirus around, like an Uber.

Coronavacation: Being homebound or quarantined due to the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Syndrome: The desire to go out to bars or travel after beginning to feel symptoms of Coronavirus.

Coronallennial: The generation of babies that will be born as a result of self-isolation and quarantines.

Coronawashing: The act of taking an existing product and marketing it as related to or helpful with Coronavirus.

Coroncellations: The mass cancelling of sports, theater, restaurants, weddings, and basically all public events in the wake of Coronavirus.

Coroned: Someone who is infected with Coronavirus.

Coronarave: Playing music and dancing around your house after you’ve drank yourself into a Coronavirus-related stupor.

Covidiot: Someone that does not understand that Covid-19 is real and endangers others by going out and possibly spreading it.

Coronavoid: Empty venues and streets, owing to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronered: When everyone else in your house has Covid-19 but you (so far).

Coronic: Someone currently infected with Coronavirus.

Coronophobia: Fear of touching your face or surfaces in light of Coronavirus.

Coronortunity: An opportunity created by the Coronavirus pandemic to spend time on a house project, catch up on sleep, or do anything else you would normally not get to do.

Coronavirusing: Hanging out alone in your home thinking about coronavirus.