A Driver Survived This Insane ‘Final Destination’ Car Accident

The Whitfield County Fire Department in Georgia shared photos on Facebook of an “extraction” they just performed that will give Final Destination fans flashbacks:

Whitfield County Fire

The driver rear-ended a logging truck and his car was heavily impaled by logs. The driver’s life was saved because he leaning down to find something he dropped on the floor of his vehicle. He had only minor injuries.

Whitfield County Fire

Rescue workers cut through 30-40 logs with chainsaws before they were able to rescue the driver from the car.

Whitfield County Fire

Because of the driver’s positioning at the time of the accident, his head ended up being positioned between the logs. One rescue worker noted “It was as if it was almost created just for his head.”

Whitfield County Fire

Fans of Final Destination fear this probably every single time they see a logging truck on the road, due to this creepy scene from Final Destination 2:

Stay safe out there and don’t drive behind logging trucks.

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