Virgos Aren’t Just Workaholics—They’re Addicted To Suffering

It is a Virgo’s karma to be addicted to hard work. They never take the easy road. Their route to success in life is typically long and arduous. It usually isn’t until they are much older that they understand the lesson that success does not always mean you need to work so darn hard.

They are typically acknowledged early on in school or in the workplace for their brilliance and achievements due to this innate drive for hard work and success. As a result, they often take on very difficult situations in the workplace or in relationships due to their karmic belief that you have to work very hard and suffer in order to live on this planet.

They often pick jobs where they have to work very hard to succeed or relationships that require a lot of fixing, because Virgos are so good at seeing problems in a situation and trying to improve them. They tend to take on titles which require a lot of effort and organization, such as doctor, administrative assistant, or office manager, or they may take on roles for which they are ill-suited because they have this innate need to challenge themselves through suffering. They often feel that suffering makes life worth living.

A lot of Virgos are prone to anxiety and low self-esteem as a result. They can suffer from addictions (workaholism in particular), anxiety issues, and issues with their digestive system due to the low value they place upon their hard work. To them, it’s normal to work that hard. They tend to have this false idea that everyone is working as hard as they are, when in reality, they are working twice as hard as anyone else.

Virgos need to learn that all work and no play is very bad for the mind, body, and spirit. And so Virgos need to make sure they are getting plenty of rest and taking care of themselves adequately in order to live a more balanced existence with more pleasure and less suffering.