7 Side Effects Of Living In A Haunted House

I am currently living in a house that I believe is haunted. In my own definition, a haunted house is one that contains a lot of negative energy. I don’t believe there are actual ghosts in the house, but I do believe in energy. Some houses have more positive energy than others and feel better to be in. This is something I don’t think anyone can dispute.

I am a highly intuitive empath, and I can sense the energy of the home. It’s not something that can be proven scientifically, but based upon my experience inhabiting other houses versus this one, here is what I have experienced since living in this house:

1. It can make you sick.

A haunted house does not necessarily mean it is haunted by ghosts. It just means that there is bad energy in the home. This can be mold or other toxins. As I have lived in this house, I have noticed the quality of the air is not as good as in other homes due to it being an old house. This can make you sick physically as well as mentally.

2. It can cause you to act irrationally.

When a house is haunted, it can make you do things that you might not normally have done otherwise. It can cause you to act impulsively and irrationally, because it messes with your mind. For example, you might be more tempted to send a text to someone unhealthy who you might not have wanted to talk to had you been in a healthier environment.

3. It can make you feel sluggish.

When you live in a haunted house, it is almost as if it wants to suck you into the negative energy. The energy can be very thick, which can make it difficult to leave. If you are empathic like myself, you will be very prone to feeling the effects of this dark energy and to getting sucked into it. It can cause you to become depressed and have a hard time getting out of bed. You might think you have depression or anxiety, but make sure it’s not your house that is contributing to the bad energy.

4. It can cause you to lash out at others or have other symptoms of negative mood.

This goes with point number 2, but a haunted house can cause you to behave in a highly emotional manner. This is because there is a lot of negative energy in the home, which can impact your mood. If you feel better when you are outside of the home versus inside, this is a sign that your house is haunted.

5. It will often be very cold.

Not all cold houses are haunted, but all haunted houses are cold. Negative energy is more associated with coldness. When choosing a home, it is best to choose somewhere that has a mixture of positive and negative energy, coldness and warmth. If a home is too warm, it can also be uncomfortable to live in. You can also change the decorations in your home to bring this into balance.

6. Things will break easily.

You might drop glass often because it can literally cause you to lose your mind in a haunted house. This is what happened to me. It felt so uncomfortable being in the energy of the house (without me consciously realizing it at the time) that not only did it cause me to make poorer decisions for myself, it also caused me to become less physically grounded. As a result, I was more likely to be distracted by the negative energy, which can cause you to spill things or drop things more easily.

7. Things will not work as well, such as WIFI, appliances, or plumbing.

This might be due to old wiring or due to that thickness of energy I described. Electrical energy is energy, just as emotional energy is energy. At its core, it’s all made up of the same basic atoms. If electronics are having difficulty, this is definitely a sign that the house is haunted by negative energy. Electricity is inherently negative and positive, so if the house is imbalanced it can mess with this balanced electrical charge.

Your home is an extension of yourself. This is why it’s important to be extremely careful when choosing a place to live. As someone who was never very spiritual or empathic until going through a spiritual awakening, I used to fully blame myself for my negative emotions, self-hatred, and inadequacies, but I have come to understand that these emotions can also be influenced by our physical surroundings.

Families who have experienced a lot of negative energy and trauma are actually more prone to attracting a haunted home. This is based upon the law of attraction and energetics. If you have any of these symptoms in your home, I recommend trying to find a plan to leave or to spend as much time as possible away from the home, because your energy can be negatively impacted by it.