15 Signs You Have A Friend You’ll Keep For The Rest Of Your Life

Many friends come and go in life, but if you’re lucky, you’ll have a good one that sticks around for the long haul. Your best friend is someone you can share everything with. They know your darkest secrets, your deepest fears, and they can tell what you’re thinking before you even know that you’re thinking it. Here are 15 ways you can tell if you’ve found a friend for life.

1. They keep you laughing, even when you’re supposed to be serious. Even if something is not funny in the slightest, you two can crack each other up at the drop of a hat. This proves to be very inconvenient when it’s inappropriate to laugh, such as in the middle of class, a work meeting, when you’re being reprimanded. Regardless, one of the most important parts of life is being able to find humor in anything, or really, everything, and any friend who helps you do that is one who’s going to be around for a while.

2. They don’t have to try to cheer you up, they just naturally do. Bad day? Make plans with them. Even just call them for a few minutes. You don’t even have to talk about what was bothering you, just being around them somehow makes you forget even the worst days.

3. They know too much; you kind of have to keep them around. You have to be friends with them forever solely for the reason that they know literally everything about you. But same goes for them, so it works out perfectly. #BFFs.

4. You do everything together. Need a shopping buddy? Want someone to go to the game with? Dinner? You always go to them when you need or want someone to accompany you somewhere. You seriously don’t remember what it’s like to do anything by yourself, and can’t imagine anybody else tagging along instead of them.

5. You don’t go out unless s/he goes out too. This becomes apparent when you go out without them once and two things happen: 1. IT SUCKS and 2. Everyone keeps asking you where your partner-in-crime is. They assume if you’re there, that your bud must be too. Not to mention, if one of you is invited, the other is just by association, almost without fail.

6. You ask for their approval on everything from texts to that person you really shouldn’t even be contacting to your outfit for the party you’re obligated to go to and don’t want to look like you don’t care. They’re the other half of your brain. They know what the best answer is for you, and more importantly, they’re not afraid to tell you the truth.

7. You know their whole wardrobe inside and out. Because you’ve worn everything. And because you’ve been friends for long enough that you have seen them wear it all at least twice. And it’s come to the point that you’re usually with them when they buy new things. You consider your life’s greatest blessing to have a best friend with the same clothing/shoe/whatever size.

8. You routinely humiliate yourselves on Snapchat. Need more be said? As the saying goes: the uglier the selfie, the better the friendship. They’ve seen you at your true worst via Snapchat (and they probably screenshot it because it made them laugh so hard) and it’s not just that they love you anyway — they love you for it. 

9. You want to wake up with them in the morning. It’s all fun and games at night when you’re willing to just party with anyone, but there’s only one person (aside from your significant other) that you want to wake up with the next morning. (Hint: they’re the one that knows your Starbucks order by heart, and you can say “the usual” to them as you pull up to the drive thru).

10. They know your worst addictions — (speaking of Starbucks). Also: Reality TV. Dominos. Netflix binges. Cat photos. Your ex’s Facebook profile. And they don’t judge you for them. In fact, they probably indulge in them with you.

11. You’ve watched a Netflix series together. And you agree to watch the same episodes at the same time so you can discuss your opinions on all the characters and their issues with as much depth and intensity as you would your own lives.

12. You’ve planned your future weddings, and what you’re going to do for each other’s. Because why not? They’re going to be your maid of honor/best man anyway so they might as well get a head start on figuring out what you want. Plus that speech at the reception isn’t going to write itself…

13. You either have a key to their apartment, their car, or at least some social media password. It’s kind of creepy how easy it is to access their lives, when you really think about it.

14. You tell them every dirty detail about your life. And you don’t even think twice about it. More importantly: they, for some reason, actually want to know. There’s no such thing as “over-sharing.” They. Know. Everything.

15. They’ve been on your mind this whole time, and a specific memory came to mind for every point. Shout out to our besties for the resties (and to the people who actually call themselves that — you do you, guys). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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