The 13 Underrated Things We Forget To Thank Our Siblings For

The 13 Underrated Things We Forget To Thank Our Siblings For

If you are lucky enough to have siblings, ones you get along with more often than not, you’ll know that the joy you get from them will never compare to anything else. There were many times in my life that I wished that I was an only child — but in all honesty, I would hate that. Having two older siblings has shaped my life at an immeasurable quantity. If you have siblings, you know exactly what I am talking about. It took me until I was 3,000 miles away from them while in college to truly appreciate all that they do for me. Whether you have a brother, sister, or some of both; here are the things you’ve probably forgotten to appreciate about them.

They have had your back since day one. Even more seriously if you’re younger. Their catch phrase was: “Hurt (them) and I’ll hurt you.” You can probably replace “hurt” with some other kind of violence and still be accurate.

You always have someone to complain to. Especially if you need to complain about Mom or Dad. Nobody understands better than your siblings how painstakingly annoying your parents are.

They taught you how to have fun with the little things — from taking pictures to telling people you’re twins and seeing if they believe it. If you look alike, that’s stinking cute. And there’s a reason your Facebook feeds are overflowing with family pictures. Because a) mom made you and b) you look adorable together, and you’ll admit it.

They were your build-in-best-friend from day one. You always had a pal in childhood. If you were the luckiest of all lucky people…your siblings are close enough in age that you could always. have. a. play. buddy.

Family vacations were not only bearable, but maybe even… fun?! Tag teaming “are we there yet?” was by far the most annoying, yet most enjoyable thing to do on trips ranging from 5 minutes long to cross country. Mom will never forget those horrid days you felt like teaming up to become The Most Annoying Children on Planet Earth.

You may have been a personal punching bag, they were for you as well. Literally and figuratively. But it made you both stronger. Stick and stones might still break your bones, but because you had siblings, words literally cannot hurt you now (and if they do… your sibling will take care of that jerk). From those pet nicknames that made you cringe to those torturous games of hide and seek where you were ALWAYS IT FOR SOME REASON; you are a strong individual because of it.

You pick up where you left off, no matter how much time goes by. When you and your sibling(s) are reunited, it’s like nothing ever changed. You pick up where you left off, as if you weren’t gone those past 4 months.

They tell you the cold hard truth. That girl/guy of your choosing isn’t a good match? They’ll tell you. Ugly outfit? They’ll tell you. Making a bad decision in general? They are not afraid to let you know — because they love you. And they know nobody else will.

They make you feel special. They genuinely think that you are an amazing, beautiful, unique individual, and they are not afraid to tell you. And coming from someone who tells you the truth even when it hurts — you must really rock.

They’re someone to share your joys… and your tears with. No one knows better than a sibling how siblings are the best to share things with. They were there for every breakdown, heartbreak, terrible day of your adolescence, and they’ll continue to be well into life. They’re built in break up buddies, therapists and counselors, whether you force them into it or not.

They’re fun to tell fun things with because they’ve seen you struggle so hard to get what you want and when you finally get it, it’s like they get it too. They celebrate so well. Not only do they share the good times so well, they sit with you in the bad times too. But because they’ve known you for so long and they know you so well – they will know just how to help you out.

You’ll always be connected. Push them away all you want. Tell them you hate them. Lash out. Get angry. You’re still blood.

The random messages they send to remind you that they love you are unprecedentedly the Best Things Ever. Because while they be your hero, you might be theirs – and it’s always pretty cool for your hero to just drop in with a quick “I love you” text message.