7 Most Eye Roll Worthy Things People Say To Psychology Majors

post grad
post grad

I’m a Psychology major. Like any other degrees, there are many stereotypes and myths about the subject itself and the students who study it that any Psychology student has all been asked about at least once. Now, we Psychology folks certainly appreciate a good joke; we are surely not easily butthurt either. But seriously, after years of hearing the same old shit, it can be too much. Like, some are not even funny or relevant. Some are straight out rude and generally just make me want to punch whoever says it in the face.

Here’s a few examples:

1. Are you going to read my mind?/ Tell me what I’m thinking.

Really? Do you think this is funny? Because it’s not. I’m doing Experimental Psychology studying human brain and behaviours, not to become X-men. So, no thanks. How about YOU telling me what I’m thinking then? Wait. No need to. It’s quite obvious on my face that I think you’re an idiot.

2. I better watch what I say then.

Yes, all the time since you don’t seem to know what’s good to say at all. But as you wish, I will make sure to psycho-analyse every stupid shit you say.

3. Does it mean I’m gonna get free therapy one day?

No! In fact, if I ever become a therapist, I will charge you double for all these unfunny, stupid, assumptious questions you’re putting me through. Also, be prepared because I will Freud the fuck out of you.

4. Are you gonna give people electric shock?

Yes, we would totally do stuff like gather a bunch of students in a room and shock them however we want, whenever we want. Or like traumatize them till they are brain-dead. Sounds like fun? Don’t worry, you will be the first one to be in. Feel free to scream, I won’t care.

5. That’s not a real degree. You’re going to uni to enjoy yourself, aren’t you?

OMG, so fun! We throw party and have sleepovers in library all the time! And you are completely right! Mental disorders and brain functions are soooo not real.

6. What are you going to do with *that* degree?

You know, stuff. Maybe be a stripper and rub that degree in everyone’s faces or something.

7. Psychology is not a science.

Yeah, a BSc degree doing experiments with real observable physical evidence is not science at all.

… Okay, I’m being sarcastic there. We don’t go around shock people! And I’m sure you mean well and probably just want to gain some brownie points for being funny. But keep in mind that at this point there is nothing you can say about Psychology to Psychology students that we haven’t heard, haven’t laughed about, haven’t got tired of. If you want to get to know us and what we do, drop all these false assumptions and ask us genuine questions. We would appreciate that you care and be happy to tell you everything you want to know.

Honestly, this shit got very old now and will make you sound dumb. I’ve warned ya. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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