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It’s Okay To Look In The Mirror And Choose To Love Yourself

Today, I looked in the mirror and I decided I hated my legs—my thighs specifically. Up until today, I hadn’t minded my thighs. They were always wobbly, always pale, always riddled with a little bit of cellulite, but as far as thighs go, I was okay with them. I run constantly and my thighs help me. They push me further and faster, and even when they ache and shake, they never give out on me. But today, I decided I hated them.

If You Feel Uninspired, Read This

Some days, I wake up in the morning with the inspiration to write. Sometimes, it hits me while I’m sitting on the train; sometimes, it happens when I’m at a bar with friends.

Just Friends

You’re sitting three desks in front of me and you keep turning around to catch my attention. I’m ignoring you—I don’t find you funny and I want you to leave me alone.

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