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I Hope You Find A Love That Makes You Feel Heard

Relationships are all about the opposite of the mundane. When you find someone that makes you want to make a lot of memories with that same person for the rest of your life, you know it’s real. Love is adventure and spontaneity and drunken moments and sober moments and substance and depth and passion and desire. These are all the words you hear when you think of romance. While it’s fairly easy to settle for love today, I hope you never settle for a love that makes you feel just unheard. I pray you never settle at all.

If you find love, never settle for someone that never makes you feel heard and understood. As a relationship progresses, it’s easier to feel alone in a relationship than you think. Complacency is not an option in real love, and I hope you find someone that makes you feel heard, not just listened to. When you tell them about the mundane things, I hope they hear the words you don’t say. I hope they hear that you want to scream and shout and run away each night, if possible. I hope they hear how loud the thoughts are in your mind, convincing you that you aren’t worthy, lovable, or successful. I hope they hear how you want nothing but their time, because no amount of flowers will ever compensate for the time that is lost. I hope in each “I love you,” they hear your plea for nothing but unreplaceable quality time.

I hope you never settle for a love that makes you feel like you have absolutely nobody to run to with the thoughts in your head. When you’re struggling with a burden in the relationship, it’s the easiest to keep quiet about it and suffer alone, but I hope you don’t do that. I hope you have someone that makes you feel brave enough to open up when you’re not okay, even when your thoughts seem irrational. While you’re strong enough to conquer it alone, I hope they become your partner in all this.

Lastly, I hope you never settle for a love that makes you feel like they take you for granted. Relationships are all about give-and-take, and even with the lack of resources, I hope they never make you feel like they take advantage of your pure heart. I hope you find a love that, even through the struggle, they go out of their way to show how much you mean to them. I hope they surprise you occasionally and define what romance really is, because it’s more than flowers and chocolates and candlelit dinners. Romance is someone genuinely never taking you for granted every day, and I hope you find someone who gives back as much as they take.

If not, I hope you have the bravery to walk away, because the last thing you need is someone who doesn’t see the intricate beauty of your being.

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