I'm Dating You To Marry You

I’m Dating You To Marry You

I’ve never believed in casual dating.

I don’t know how you can invest in a relationship with someone you can’t imagine a future with. You can’t just date someone just to fill that void in your empty heart or because you’re afraid of being alone. You can’t just be casual with someone you choose to invest your time with.

Here’s the real truth: relationships will never fill the void in your heart. All your problems won’t magically disappear if you use dating as a bandage for all your heavy issues and baggage in life.

When I get into a relationship with you, I’m dating you with the intent of marriage and marriage alone. I’m dating you because I choose to invest myself in you, because you’re the only person I imagine spending my forever with and nobody else.

I’m choosing you because I see this absolute raw, unpredictable, and beautiful future with you. I see myself waking up beside you every morning, knowing life couldn’t get any real that this. I see myself cooking breakfast for you and our kids on Sundays before heading over to church. I see myself coming home from work to having dinner with you as my husband in our simple home. I see myself raising a family with you and reaching my utmost potential in my career path with no one else but you by my side. I see myself building a happy and successful marriage with you, with God as our center. I see myself laughing in bed with you and talking about how the universe works at 3 a.m. when sleep won’t hit. I see myself marrying my best friend, and I don’t see any other option.

I see an absolutely beautiful marriage with you, and that’s why I’m dating you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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