How To Love A Strong, Independent Woman

Here’s the thing about independent women: it’s going to take every ounce of bravery in you to love someone like her.

She doesn’t need you, but she does want you.

She’s filled with depth and substance, and that means she doesn’t settle for just ‘small talk.’ She wants to absorb what your thoughts of composed of, what you’re passionate about, and what you believe in. She wants to fall in love with your mind the same way you did hers.

If she wants a relationship with you, you’re going to have to love her without taking her independence and bravery away. She’s strong and wise because of everything she’s been through. She had a past that felt like hell, and if you’re not strong enough, you will use that against her.

She doesn’t believe that a relationship is going to complete her and make her happy. She already is. But if she wants you, you’re going to complement her happiness in a way she knows nobody else can.

She’s not clingy or needy, but she will love you harder than any girl in the past.

But first, you have to be strong enough to deserve her.

I hope you never, ever dare tell her that she’s ‘too much’ simply because you can’t handle the fire inside her.

I hope you don’t try to control her and you realize that in order to love her, you shouldn’t cage her into your own definition of love.

I hope you don’t try to rush things with her, because a girl like her knows that the wisest thing is to never rush something as extraordinary as love. She knows that love is patient and kind above all else, and she would never risk rushing things with you because she sees something amazing in you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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