The Truth About What Love Really Is

what love really is
Alvin Mahmudov

Love isn’t supposed to make your insides knotted, as if you’re about to throw up within the next second. Contrary to what they say about having butterflies in your stomach, love is calm and safe. It’s about finding your person in life who gives you a specific kind of comfort and safety that nobody else could. It’s not supposed to make you question your worth. It’s not supposed to make you scream at yourself and cry in the middle of the night on why nothing you do is ever enough. It’s not supposed to make you feel so lost that you don’t know how to pick yourself back up again. It’s not supposed to make your best friend heartbroken because it pains her to see you settle for less than you deserve. It’s not about giving your body to someone just to make them stay. You can’t love someone at a desperate cause. You can’t love someone when the price to pay is yourself. Loving someone is supposed to make you feel at peace with yourself because you finally found the best friend you could fall in love with and to support you wholeheartedly with your dreams and goals. Love isn’t about the harsh anger in your heart that turns into words you’d later regret saying. Love isn’t making them guilty for choosing themselves once in a while. Love is supposed to make you grow and make you better version of yourself. It’s supposed to be able to make you comfortable enough to have the most deepest and intellectual conversations with them and feel your souls connecting. It’s about having a bad day but being happy for them first because they got a promotion at work. Love is never self-destructive, because the right kind of love is supposed to life you up higher than you’ve ever felt before. Love is about respecting each other’s opinion, whether it’s sleeping together after marriage or their simple but argumentative views on politics or how they think the world works. Love is healthy because it’s all about compromise and understanding. Love is never selfish but it’s about making each other happy, but not to the point where you lose yourself altogether. Love is not attachment or lust because it’s something greater than that. It’s going on weeks without talking to them and still feel complete. It’s about not having the need to have sex just to feel assured in the relationship or just to make up after a big fight. It may seem cliché, but love really is supposed to be patient and kind because otherwise, you lose the essence of real love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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