10 Little Things That Can Completely Rejuvenate Your Relationship

Going “Out, Out”

Relationships often hit the wall when they become too much of the same; embedded in routine, you guys become creatures of habit who haven’t seen the dinginess of a bar in months.

The entire point of shacking up may have been so you didn’t have to spend $30 on two drinks every weekend, but when done sparingly it can be a great time. Doing this with your significant other–just going out and remembering that you once were fun people–can really do wonders. Be sure to end the festivities at the late night diner.

2. Double Dating

Horrendous in some situations, but most of the time this demonstrates to you how great you’ve got it; seeing other couples in action is most oftentimes a vomit inducing experience, making you inherently thankful that your most intimate person is not like them.

3. Signing Up For A Class Together

Be it baking, underwater basket weaving, etc., forging a new collective interest will put your relationship in a place it hasn’t been before. Exploring new territories together, and working together to #achieve in that space will open up new doors in your relationship–with that door potentially leading to an entire new wing in the house.

4. Asking Them About Their Day, Every Day

Sounds simple, but this enables you to be privy to the various subplots in their life, which is the primary means you’ll be able to be closer to him or her than anyone else in their lives.

Not doing this builds up, and can create some disconnects that may be quite tough to recover from. All in all, you should be aware that Steve from HR isn’t doing his job properly because he’s too obsessed with the Detroit Tigers

5. Not Being On The Defensive By Default

Being in a rut and general relationship unhappiness often causes us to retreat; we wish to protect ourselves against emotional distress and harm.

Remaining inward though, is just going to push the other person away–this is a bad precedent to set.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

6. Knowing When The Issue At Hand Is More Important To Them Than It Is To You

They can only compromise unless you are also willing to.

7. Addressing Your Relationship Trigger Points, And Focusing On How To Fix Them

We oftentimes get upset about things because they happen continuously; he’s spending too much time getting drunk with Steve, she never wants to go out. Finances have become a contentious point.

Whatever the trigger may be, address and tackle. Believe it or not, having open and honest conversations is a huge part of successful relationships.

8. Having Alone Time

The downfall of many a relationship is that they become way too suffocating. Always make sure you’ve got something that doesn’t involve the other person–be it a hobby, social activity, or mode of reflection and expression. Just make sure your extracurricular activity doesn’t involve you hooking up with someone else.

9. Being Intimate

Earlier this year, a woman blogged about how her relationship changed following her and her man’s commitment to have sex for 365 consecutive days. The results, seemingly, were rather positive.

If this prospect doesn’t appeal to you on at least some level, you’re probably in the wrong relationship.

10. Surprising Them

So mind-numbingly simple, but a good surprise can turn the worst day around in the best way possible. It also is an unprovoked way of showing that you truly care.

A good surprise will always translate to a full heart. And with those two things, you can’t lose.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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