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Reiki Symbols And Their Powerful Meanings

Reiki is a popular type of pseudoscience. It’s a Japanese form of alternative medicine or energy healing that uses palm healing. Through this process, the practitioner’s universal energy is transferred through the palms to promote physical and emotional healing.

However, there is no scientific proof that the type of healing energy or life force energy Reiki uses actually exists. It is not an effective treatment for cancer, diabetes, anxiety, or depression, so Reiki energy should never replace conventional medical treatment.

Mikao Usui was the father of this fascinating practice. His memorial stone states that he taught Reiki to over 2,000 people over the course of his lifetime. This practice consists of four elements: physical healing, personal development, spiritual discipline, and mystic order. To put it simply, the Reiki practice is meant to promote mental and emotional healing within the body and mind.

Although Reiki cannot heal the sick, it’s still helpful to learn exactly what Reiki practitioners believe and how they use different symbols in order to achieve different results. Here are all the Usui Reiki symbols and what they symbolize so that you are armed with knowledge about this fascinating Japanese healing practice:

Dai Ko Myo – The Usui Master Symbol

The Master Symbol is the most sacred Reiki symbol that exists. It has the highest vibration and is said to heal the upper chakras, the aura, and the soul. Reiki practitioners will visualize symbols like these, say them aloud, or draw them with their third eye in order to draw strength from them.

Dai Ko Myo translates to the “great enlightenment” or “bright shining light” because it is meant to bring Reiki practitioners closer to God. This symbol can also help you gain more self-awareness and strengthen your relationship with yourself. When needed, it also allows you to charge crystals.

Cho ku rei – The Power Symbol

This symbol represents chi, an important force in many cultures that translates to ‘vital energy’ or simply ‘energy’. The Reiki power symbol will help a Reiki practitioner enlighten others, boost their relationships, and protect against misfortune and impure energy.

The symbol itself looks like a drawing of a coil, which can be drawn in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction. This can be drawn on walls of rooms where you want to create light, positive, optimistic energy. Overall, this symbol will help eliminate negativity in your life and encourage you to focus on the good around you.

Raku – The Completion Symbol

This lightning bolt shape is also known as the fire serpent. It is used at the master level for Reiki masters. It is meant for grounding after Reiki to absorb the benefits of everything that a person has just experienced.

This symbol is also used by Reiki practitioners to cleanse themselves of negative energy from the person they were working on. This should be done at the end of a Reiki session, not before. It should close out the practice.

Sei he ki – The Harmony Symbol

Some people believe this symbol looks like a wave cresting. Others compare it to a bird’s wing. Regardless, the name of this symbol means “God and man become one.” It is a symbol that is meant to bring harmony and protection from any negative energy that has been bothering you.

The harmony symbol can also help you get rid of your bad habits and overcome your insecurities. Plus, it can make your positive affirmations more powerful. When you write down your affirmations, try drawing this symbol on the page beside your words. It should strengthen the power you have to overcome your challenges.

Hon sha ze sho nen – The Distance Symbol

This means “having no present, past, or future.” Although this symbol cannot allow you to go back in time and change the past, it can help you overcome old wounds and heal from your mistakes. It will encourage you to learn from the bad things that happened in your past. It can also help you prepare for the future.

This is one of the most powerful symbols a Reiki master can use in their practice. It should be invoked every single day if you want a better chance of seeing its effects.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to pick and choose which symbol you would like to use on any given occasion. You’re free to invoke more than one symbol at a time. According to Reiki practitioners, using multiple symbols will increase Reiki healing energy. You can say the names of these symbols, visualize them, or simply envision your day with their help.

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