Did Donald Trump Refuse To Love A Woman Because She Was Black?

Kara Young via Wiki Commons
Kara Young via Wiki Commons

Trump’s repeatedly been called a racist by a lot of people over the last several years. Protesters and some in the media claim that he hates minorities, specifically Hispanics, Muslims, and African Americans.

In July of last year, Gawker’s Jason Parham ran a piece entitled The Collected Quotes of Donald Trump on “the Blacks”In it, he listed every time Donald Trump had said anything about the African American community. Some of it was decidedly negative, some of it was only negative by implication, and some of it was collected from the 1991 book entitled ‘Trumped!” written by a John O’Donnell, a man who used to work with Trump but left after being passed over for a promotion.

Maybe O’Donnell’s quotes are true. Maybe Trump really did say things like “Laziness is a trait in blacks.” Without further confirmation it’s impossible to tell but, if anything, the collection of Trump quotes about African Americans does reveal the profile and thinking of a man who was born in 1946. People forget that Trump is old. He’ll be 70 in June and if through some freak miracle he were to become President he’d be the oldest President ever elected, older by one year than even Ronald Reagan.

He’s old and his thinking betrays that age. Take this Tweet from Trump in 2013:


What’s interesting, in this case at least, is that Trump seems to think of Black people mainly as a group, not as individuals. He thinks that people will vote against a future Black presidential candidates because Obama is Black and “has done such a poor job as president.” Certainly, he’s never said that since Bush was a bad president then no White president will be elected again for generations. We’ve had a lot of bad Presidents, all White, but you don’t see Trump condemning the entire White race’s future White House aspirations over it.

He thinks of Black people mainly as a group and believes that other people also mainly think of Black people as a group.

This is old thinking. Certainly, this mentality still exists but it’s less and less, far less than it was in the 50s when Trump was growing up.

Of course that’s just one Tweet but he’s consistent in this pattern of thinking. Take this tweet on Obama and Baltimore.


The implication seems to be that it’s Obama, not Baltimore or Maryland, who is responsible for the fate of Black people there. Again, Trump groups things together. He seems to think of Obama as a “Black President” rather than just as President. Sure, being Black is a large part of Obama’s presidential identity but it’s not the entire thing, not even close.

People often speak badly or stupidly or incompletely on Twitter but Trump has a pattern of thinking in easy classifications. Take this quote from “Trumped!” on who he wants doing his taxes.

“Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

Again, groups, he thinks in groups. And that brings us to the only example of Trump interacting with a Black American in his private life available in popular media. I’m speaking here of a woman named Kara Young.

Kara Young is a mid-forties model, actress, and entrepreneur. She’s been in Playboy, was a Victoria’s Secret model, and appeared in tons of makeup ads during the late eighties and into the nineties. She’s currently married to a billionaire named Peter Georgiopoulos. They have two children. But more germane to this article is that she is biracial with a White father and Black mother and she used to date Donald Trump.

Certainly, you can’t determine someone’s feelings on race by who they choose to sleep with but it is interesting to see what the situation was between Trump and Young.

And we can learn what others have said about them as a couple and how they felt about each other all those years ago when they were together. Consider this Page Six quote from last year.

Megyn Kelly doesn’t love Donald Trump, but plenty of other women do — or did — including Kara Young, the supermodel some say was the love of his life before he met his third wife, Melania.

The implication, clearly, is that Young loved Trump and that Trump absolutely loved Young. So, what happened that they didn’t stay together and that Trump was reportedly still talking about Young to other women years later?

Ukrainian model and porn actress Victoria Zdrok, who says she went on four dates with Trump sheds some light on this question. Emphasis mine.

“He [Trump] would always talk about this one girl, a supermodel, and how he would give her the best orgasms of her life.”

“He told me he really likes this girl but he would never go out with her because he found out she was half-black.”

“He needed somebody more mainstream.”

Trump has denied ever dating Zdrok but she’s exactly his type, blonde, Eastern European, and a model. It’s almost hard to believe that he’d ever refuse to date her but that’s what he’s claimed.

“I never took her [Zdrok] out . . . it’s total bulls - - t. She looks like a third-rate hooker.”

That seems to be an excessive protest on Trump’s part.


Regardless, Zdrok’s recollection of events doesn’t seem to have gotten her anything and any motive for lying is pure speculation. If we take her at her word then we can talk about that final quote she gave regarding how “mainstream” Young was. It’s exactly the kind of thing that a 69-year-old man would say and think, a man that puts people into easily managed groups in his head who believes that all Whites think of Black people as a group but never quite as individuals.


People say lots of things and sometimes they mean them and sometimes they don’t but actions speak volumes. If Trump cared about Young and she felt the same about him, as some claim, then his refusal to date her because she was biracial says far more than any collection of quotes could say. It speaks to Trump bending the knee to the possibly racist perceptions of others and it speaks to the possible belief that the considerations of the group (perceived or real) are more important than one’s own decisions or even one’s own love.

If that’s true then it’s one of the saddest stories of love lost that I’ve ever heard. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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