15 Healthy Couples On The Weird But Simple Things They Do To Keep Things Interesting (That Aren’t Netflix And Chill)

via twenty20/micflores
via twenty20/micflores

1. “My boyfriend will randomly hit on me in public places meaning he’ll go away to the bathroom or something and then come back ‘in character’. Sometimes he pretends that my boyfriend has stepped away for a minute and he’s hitting on me in the meantime. He has adopted a number of accents for this little act and he’s not afraid to stay in character all through the ordering process at a restaurant.”

—Jamie, 26


2. “We stalk one another throughout the house. For instance, my boyfriend will be watching tv and I will sneak up slowly behind him (yes, I’ve been known to shimmy across the floor on my stomach) and then poke my head up above the back of the couch and just stare at him until he notices me. He’s easy to startle so when he notices me I still get a kick out of it. His favorite way of doing this is to hide under the robes hanging on the bathroom door before I go take a shower. Scares the shit out of me.

It sounds creepy and I guess it is but it’s also the most fun you can have with your clothes one.”

—Samantha, 27


3. “Once a week, my girlfriend and I take a bath together with candles, the whole thing. It’s romantic, sure, but we also joke about our ‘fancy bath’ in British accents too. We also usually end up having sex but the bath is a real bath, not just foreplay.”

—Bryan, 32


4. “Since we both love Netflix and Chill then we invented a game where one of us will pick a show and the other person not only has to watch but also has to make the popcorn and pour the drinks. I’ve watched the entire first season of Grey’s Anatomy this way and while I hate myself right before I start watching it I have to say I’ve gotten pretty invested at this point.”

—Jacyn, 24


5. “About two weekends out of every month we eat like cannibalistic hogs and cook with lard, the whole bit. I also grill the shit out of everything the grocery store has on sale and buy a couple of those mini-kegs of Newcastle. The next day we feel awful but it’s 100% worth it. This is how you stay in touch with your Texas roots in Chicago.”

—Miguel, 28


6. “People will think this is disgusting but my wife and I have an ongoing fart war as in we fart on each other when the other least expects it. She wins nearly all the time because she is small and fast but the day will come when I defeat her in fart combat.”

—Mark, 25


7. “Hubby I take a walk around our neighborhood every day which all my friends think sounds like some giant hassle. It gets us out of our bubble and it’s something we can do without having to talk which I love because after spending all day at work sometimes the last thing I want to do is talk and think.”

—Rebecca, 30


8. “My husband and I watch each other play choice-based video games. It’s fun to see what the other person chooses and it’s fun to playfully argue about it. Until Dawn was our latest one. I made fun of him because on my playthrough I had the slutty one in her underwear right away and it took him 15 minutes to get her to take her jacket off.”

—Melissa, 26


9. “Egg roulette. Here are the rules: You take a dozen eggs and hard boil eight of them. Then you let them cool in the carton and take turns smashing them on your head. The first person who cracks two raw eggs on their head loses. The last time we played I lost but it was still fun and hilarious. I recommend playing outside.”

—Jackie, 28


10. “We do big puzzles together. I know that sounds dry and he didn’t enjoy it at first either. I kind of had to pressure him into it but he’s come around. It’s one of the few things you can do together that where you’re working together but not talking and I like that. Plus, you end up finishing something together.”

—Nicole, 23


11. “My girlfriend and I get drunk together while visiting all the taverns in the Shire part of ‘Lord of the Rings Online’. Neither of us like going out and this way we can go out without going out at all. My buddies make fun but I know they’re jealous af. We’ve been dating two years and this is one of the most fun things we do and, honestly, our relationship is really fun.”

—Allen, 23


12. “It was my wife’s idea that she had while in yoga class one day but she and I sit on the floor in our living room and stare out our window into the backyard together in absolute silence for 30 minutes. We have a timer and everything. I thought this was a silly thing to try at first because I hate trying new things but it’s great for reconnecting with her and it helps us alleviate stress together in a simple way.”

—Clint, 31


13. “Maybe not weirdweird but I don’t know anyone else who does this. On weekends my boyfriend always wakes me up by stroking my hair and gently humming “Good Day Sunshine” by the Beatles. I’m not a morning person, especially on the weekends, and I don’t even really like the Beatles all that much but it’s the sweetest thing.”

—Devon, 22


14. “She and I make up hypothetical scenarios for little things going on around us and blow it up into the most absurd ideas. No one ever knows why we’re laughing and we’ve come up with at least a half dozen inside jokes this way.”

—David, 25


15. “Tongue kissing and not the kind you’re thinking. I mean that when he’s trying to kiss me for real I’ll reciprocate with just an outstretched, quivering tongue and the most obnoxious look on my face. He will then say ‘stop it!’ and do the same thing to me. This can go on for a good while.”

—Cynthia, 21 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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