14 Amazing Lies Told By Rachel Dolezal, The White Professor Who Identifies As Black

If there’s anything the world has learned about Rachel Dolezal in the last few hours it’s that she’s 100% dedicated to her craft. The Eastern Washington University adjunct professor of Africana studies and local NAACP chapter President was outed yesterday by Spokane’s KXLY television station after Dolezal’s parents, both White, came forward to state that their daughter wasn’t African American at all, in any way, and that she’d been living a lie.

So how did Dolezal, who got her degree from traditionally Black college Howard University, get away with this? Dedication and lies. Here are some of the most profound ones most of which should have set off alarm bells but for some reason didn’t.

1. She claimed this man was her father.

2. But he’s not. This is her father and mother.

3. She claims that she was born in a tepee in Montana in 1977. [Source]

4. She claims that “Jesus Christ” is written as the witness on her birth certificate because her parents lived in the middle of nowhere and lived off the land. [Source]

5. She claims she grew up hunting with a bow and arrow. [Source]

6. She claims that she has no contact with her mother and stepfather (she doesn’t have a stepfather) because of a deeply traumatic and painful past. [Source]

7. She claims her parents beat her and her brothers and sisters based on their skin color. [Source]

8. She claims her mother beat her and her siblings with a baboon whip, a whip that was used to beat slaves in the past. I can’t find any evidence that there’s even such a thing as a baboon whip at all. She claims the whippings left scars. [Source]

9. She claims to have been slipped a mickey by a former mentor of hers while they were celebrating the sale of one of her paintings. She claims he then raped her. She says that she didn’t report it because he was so wealthy. I mean, who knows on this one but “he’s too rich to sue” sounds like a lie. [Source]

10. She claims that her ex-husband used to beat her and then throw their son across the room when he tried to stop him. However, the guy she’s been claiming to be her son is actually her adopted brother. [Source]

11. She claims to have gotten 20 pages of racist hate mail and pictures of lynchings. The envelope the “hate mail” came in wasn’t post marked which means it had never actually been mailed yet somehow it found its way into Dolezal’s P.O. Box. [Source]

12. Her bio makes the following outrageous claim: “Her efforts were met with opposition by North Idaho white supremacy groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, the Neo Nazis and the Aryan Nations, and at least eight documented hate crimes targeted Doležal and her children during her residency in North Idaho.”

She also claims that they did this because they were “threatened by female power” which, since this never happened, is pretty insane. [Source]

13. She claims to have been “cured” of cervical cancer in 2008. She may have had cervical cancer but it’s really impossible to know right now. [Source]

14. She claims that everyone who has ever loved her has betrayed her in some way. [Source] Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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