Shine Through The Darkness

Don’t let it make you forget. Don’t let it consume you when it overwhelms you. No matter how dark the world gets, it can never steal your light. That untapped yellow light within your heart? No matter how dim the darkness makes it seem, it can never completely fade away.

As long as there is breath in your lungs, there is light within you.

And sometimes you will forget. You will forget that the power has been within you all along. The power to overcome all the negativity that looms around you. The power to break the chains that confine you. The power is yours and yours alone. No one can lead you out of that nightmare. The path is yours to walk. And you can do it.

Even when you feel as if you can’t move; you can. It’s not that you lose your ability to be strong. It’s not an ability. It’s a part of you. A part of you that never left. Never disappeared or abandoned you. You have just forgotten what you are capable of.

Because the darkness convinces you that you are weak. It tells you that you are not strong enough. Not good enough. When instead, it has crippled you. It has caged you.

But you can break free. You can liberate yourself from this torturous place. If only you will shine. Allow that warm glow to ooze from your heart and radiate throughout your body. Let it trickle and coat every inch of your struggling soul. Allow your soul to heal. To repair. To remember. To remember its strength and beauty.

Without the pitch of night, we wouldn’t see the stars shine. Without the trials and struggles of the darkness, we wouldn’t know the endless power within us.

Shine beautiful soul. Light up the darkened path. Lead the way.

About the author

Dakota Geduld

Andrea Sachs in training.