5 Of The Best Regional Managers At Dunder Mifflin (And 5 Of The Absolute Worst)

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There will never be another show like the Office. During its nine season run, Dunder Mifflin practically became the office we all wanted to work with – and the co-workers we all wish we’d known.

…unless they were all your bosses. Sure, Dunder Mifflin has seen some pretty fantastic bosses over the years, but just as there is always two sides to every story, the Scranton Branch has been run by some pretty comical, unqualified, and downright sexist individuals.

The Worst

5. Ryan Howard

Okay, let’s talk about Mr. Ryan “Commitmentphobe” Howards for a minute. Sure, he was the youngest Vice President in Dunder Mifflin history but overall, the guy’s pretty much a complete douche.

He committed fraud for the company who basically gave him his start in the industry, practically takes advantage of Michael Scott at every chance he gets, and he wanted to fire his on again, off again girlfriend Kelly and have her job outsourced to India.

Aside from that, Ryan basically allows his ego to get in the way of making any sort of rational decisions making him the fifth worst boss on this list.

4. Charles Minor

Oh, Charles Minor, and the effect he has on women. He’s just a dick. Like, I’m pretty sure Idris Elba is an absolute doll in real life, but at Dunder Mifflin, the man has got some issues.

He is completely dismissive, passive aggressive, and basically falls for oldest trick in the book when he finds out every single staff member likes soccer. C’mon, Charles, does it really look like Stanley Hudson enjoys soccer? DOES IT?

3. DeAngelo Vickers

Fuck is that man crazy. And sexist. He’s the worst. He’s basically the Scranton version of Donald Trump and I’m glad he got hit by that basketball hoop.

2. Andy Bernard

Yup – sorry, Nard Dog, but you’re making the list because you’re completely and utterly unreliable. You just up and leave whenever the hell you feel like it. You allow your entire staff to go without any sort of supervision OR help.

You don’t tell your boss that you’re leaving. You are constantly chasing pipe dreams and burning bridges along the way. Oh – and you also took a massive shit on David Wallace’s car. Not cool man, not cool. What would Broccoli Rabe say?

1. Michael Scott

I’m sorry, but Michael Scott is a loveable person – but terrible boss. He creates distractions, has favoritism and nepotism by hiring – then hitting – his nephew (wtf?).

His constant need to fit in and be liked creates a lot of issues because he’s incapable of making tough decisions around the office. Overall, Michael is just not a good leader for the Scranton branch.

The Best

5. Dwight K. Schrute: Manager

Literally all Dwight wants in life is to be regional manager and nothing made me happier than to see him whip out his pre-made business card toward the end of Season 9.

Sure, Dwight’s methods are… irregular and usually dangerous, but his loyalty to the company outshines anything else. Dwight truly has the best interest of Dunder Mifflin AND his co-workers at heart, thus making him the first entry in the best boss category.

4. Jim Halpert

There’s a reason why Jim made an excellent #2 for the office. He’s level headed, business savvy, and is able to communicate effectively with all levels of staff which is a skill to be admired at good ole’ Dunder Mifflin. Jim is able to make the tough decisions that are also rational and best for business. Also – he’s gorgeous.

3. Robert California

It was a tie between Robert California and Jo Bennett but I had to give mad props to my man, Bob Kazamakis, for convincing the CEO to give him her job. He’s cunning in a good way.

Robert is a take charge kind of fellow who everyone seems to really get along with, despite how weird they think he is. He’s got an enigmatic personality that makes him excellent at his job and is able to provide direction when the team needs it most.

2. Michael Scott

Michael makes the list twice because as bad as his flaws may be his genuine personality and love for what he does certainly makes up for it. Michael literally loves his job, his company, and his employees to the point where he even defends them when Jan takes him to corporate to show how little they respect him.

Michael is able to pull out some really excellent comebacks and prove he really knows what to do and how much he understands the paper business (even in this climate). Michael is genuinely a nice guy who, although uses unconventional methods, manages to be Dunder Mifflin’s most profitable branch for nine straight seasons.

1. David Wallace

David Wallace is that person who I kind of want to hate, but can’t because he’s just damn perfect in every way. Sure, David took away Holly Flax, and yes, he was the catalyst for Michael starting the Michael Scott Paper Company – both of which were horrible, HORRIBLE things, David.

Despite his flaws though, David seems to be a pretty sensible guy who’s got a heart of gold and works with Michael when a lot of other managers in the real world would have probably fired him at first glance.

He’s rational, takes opinions of his staff to heart, and seems to put real good into a company that was basically always about to go out of business. I mean, the man bought back Dunder Mifflin. How can we hate on someone so selfless?

Disagree with my list? Oh well, I guess as everyone else in the office says, I shruted it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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