Dr. Seuss Presents: The Illuminati

Shutterstock, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Shutterstock, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

I’m friends with Bey and Jay.
So I’d like you to know.
Fancy as their life may appear, sometimes it has lows.
You see, they’ve got lots of wealth.
Already we assume that means they’re happy.
Know the honest truth — they usually feel pretty crappy.
I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors – they’re in the illuminati.
In real, real deep, which is why they’re so ungodly and gaudy.

The mysterious secret society, how quick is it growing?
Fast enough that every artist you love joined without you knowing.
Lane is the last name of actors Nathan and Diane.
From once innocently acting in movies, they’re now puppets on the Illuminati’s hand.
L.A. is full of these types of people, from Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, LeBron James, Rihanna and Katy Perry.
To Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Eminem and Halle Berry.
Tokyo’s own Yoko Ono for example, was used by the illuminati to do evil.
I’m sure it wasn’t just her idea to go breaking up The Beatles.

So we see these rich celebrities and wonder how they’re such disasters.
Fancy things come at a price, and they repay it to their master.
Can’t you see, the illuminati is totally in control.
You can join and have nice things but then you must give them your soul.
Taste fame for the first time, and surely you’ll see.
This life in incredible, it’s truly what I want for me.
Gold jewelry, expensive clothes, high quality food, it’s the best!
Remember back in the day when you were broke, lonely and stressed?
My goodness, life’s so great when you join the all-seeing eye!
Name your desire and they’ll deliver — I mean, they even somehow made Jason DeRulo a successful guy.

‘Bout to go signup myself, just wait, you’ll see.
To go from nobody, to A-Lister, followed around by the paparazzi.
Blow up and have fans? That’s easy, but you know what the true test is? It’s discreetly filling your art with an evil hidden message. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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