21 Signs You’re From San Antonio

Nan Palmero
Nan Palmero

1. When requesting vacation days off from work, planning around Fiesta takes precedence over any other holidays.

2. You’re comfortable in all cities, big or small. Yes, San Antonio is physically one of the largest cities in the country, but it’s got a small town feel to it, giving you a sample of both worlds. You won’t often find this combination of size and friendliness.

3. You’ve completed the taco trifecta at some point – which is simply eating breakfast tacos, tacos at lunch and tacos for dinner because if tacos are an option for every meal of the day, at some point you’re destined to indulge.

4. At any point in a day, especially late in the evening when desperately seeking crucial comfort eatin’, Taco Cabana and Whataburger are always there in the clutch, to strengthen you and meet your appetite’s every last need.


5. The only thing you wash barbacoa down with is Big Red. When their powers combine, they basically form the food & drink tag team champions of the world.

6. You don’t call “Bexar,” Bex-ar – instead you pronounce it “Bear.”

7. A Spurs win or loss can dictate your, and the rest of city’s mood for the following 1-8765 hours, depending on the significance of aforementioned outcome. Playoff victory? Expect “Go Spurs, Go” chants, music, drinking and honking horns! Playoff defeat? There’s a hushed, sluggish, gloomy vibe.

8. You’ve taken advantage of that free coffee offered by Valero after Spurs playoff wins.

9. You shop for groceries almost exclusively at H-E-B. (This makes those commercials combining H-E-B & the Spurs so special and pleasurable.) [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcn-_In-5CU%5D

10. You may or may not speak Spanglish, but for the most part you can understand it.

11. It’s a shocking disappointment when your meal doesn’t come with complimentary chips and salsa. Yes, things like the tableside guacamole at Boudro’s on the River Walk are a luxury, not a privilege, but salsa should be automatic at any Mexican restaurant, nationwide.

12. Because of the elite Tex-Mex and BBQ San Antonio offers, your taste bud’s bar is set pretty high, so it’s rare that you’re impressed by grub in other cities. Unfortunately this can lead to you inaccurately being given the label of good snob.

13. You know what the acronym ‘NIOSA’ stands for.

14. You’ve experienced the glory that is a Chamoy Margarita, which basically tastes like a high-five in your mouth.

15. You understand that “carne guisada” is not a mispronunciation of “carne asada,” but an arguably superior form of meat.

16. “Inside the loop” and “Outside the loop” are commonly used phrases when trying to describe your location to someone.

17. When it rains you prepare yourself to deal with questionable, well-below-the-speed-limit driving.

18. You’ve visited the haunted railroad track (where they say that years ago, a school bus full of kids was hit by a train) and if you’re brave enough, you’ve parked on it to see if tiny, child hands will push your car across.

19. You’ve got a picture of yourself posing near the world’s largest cowboy boots (The Giant Justins) at North Star Mall.

20. Every winter brings bursts of pollen and Cedar Fever causes you to turn into a stuffy, runny nosed, itchy eyed sneezing mess.

21. While it’s a top tourist attraction, you can go several months (or even years) at a time without visiting the River Walk. This might have something to do with the fact that it’s full of vacationers, or maybe it’s just because it’s so close to home that you take it for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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