The Creepiest 6 Hour Murder Mystery Miniseries To Get Sucked Into This Week


My favorite genre of horror movie is the whodunit. I can’t help but get addicted to any movie or series that teases out the killer of a juicy murder mystery. HBO’s The Undoing is the latest and greatest example of a cryptic thriller done right. And, since the entire series has now aired, you can binge the show in one day (or one week if you have a healthier relationship to your screen time than I do).

The Undoing is about a wealthy family: Dr. Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman), her husband Dr. Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant) and their son Henry Fraser (Noah Jupe). At first the violent murder of a fellow student’s mother at Henry’s prestigious private New York City school seems tragic, but irrelevant. Slowly the family’s ties to the murder are revealed and the trial of the century begins.

What makes this series particularly good is that the main character played by Nicole Kidman is a PhD level psychologist. She has literally spent her entire life learning how to read people and she knows every person involved in this case. The story told from her perspective includes another element of whodunit because we have a front row seat to witnessing how completely oblivious someone can be when they are manipulated by a narcissist in their life.

The Undoing is HBO’s most popular show since Game of Thrones. You can stream the miniseries in it’s entirety on HBO Max or purchase the episodes individually for around the same price as a month of the streaming service.

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