6 Horror Movies That Rocked Our World In 2020

2020 has stealth been an awesome year for horror. Even with movie releases being delayed because of the pandemic, I had so many movies to choose from when I sat down to make a list of my favorites I didn’t end up including them all. I’m super thankful for these movies for making a bleak year a little bit better. Here’s the best horror movies I saw in 2020:

Nesting Dolls

This was the scariest movie I watched this year. It’s about three sorority sisters who are on a vacation to a river home together. The sisters are turned against each other by the events of the weekend and the bonds between them quickly dissolve. The horror comes from how far they are willing to go to keep their lives from falling apart.

The Lodge

This was the second scariest movie I watched in 2020, and it’s perfect for a watch in winter when you’re starting to get cabin fever. The Lodge is about two children who plan to spend the Christmas break with their dad and his new girlfriend at the family’s remote lodge. The father’s business calls him away and the kids and the dad’s girlfriend intend to stay and get acquainted. However, strange things begin to happen when the three are left alone.

1 Br

This movie premiered on Netflix over the summer and it’s actually pretty scary. It’s about a woman who moves to Los Angeles and accidentally rents an apartment in a complex run by a cult. It’s a cool concept and there are some pretty horrifying scenes in this movie. It’s a perfect horror movie for transplants.


I thought this Netflix movie was the best I’ve seen from the service. It’s definitely not expressly a horror movie but it’s based on a gothic Daphne du Maurier novel, so fans of vampire movies will appreciate the vibes and everyone else will just get sucked into the murder mystery. The plot centers on a servant who meets a rich widow while she accompanies her employer on vacation. The two fall in love and return to the widow’s large estate where the ghost of his ex-wife lingers.

The Hunt

This is probably the most underrated horror movie of 2020. This movie is so funny and still manages to have a few good scares. It follows a group of elites who have been the victims of a false conspiracy rumor called “manorgate”. Publicly humiliated, the group decides they may as well do what they are accused of and they gather a group of “deploreables” at a remote manor and proceed to hunt them down.

The Dark and The Wicked

There is a scene in this movie that will probably live rent-free in my head until I die. If you’re looking for new horror that’s genuinely horrifying and uncomfortable to watch, try The Dark and The Wicked. The plot is about two adult children who return home to their family farm to help their mother while their father is dying. Their mom warned them not to come and the kids start to figure out why when the vibes at the farm become extremely off. If you’re not a fan of gore, this movie probably isn’t for you.

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