11 Men Who ‘Fell Out Of Love’ On The Excruciatingly Honest Reason Why

Alivia Latimer
Alivia Latimer

1. “One day it dawned on me that the part of my day I hated the most was going home. I hated when I pulled into the driveway, I hated when I saw her car and knew she was there. I just wanted to be alone and be left by myself. I didn’t enjoy sharing my life with her anymore.”

2. “I realized that we weren’t on the same team anymore. We used to support each other and kind of cheer each other one in our different pursuits. Somehow over time we’d gotten to this place where I felt like I was competing with her, or against her. I was trying to do good things to prove to her that she was wrong about me. I realized she hadn’t had my back in a long time and that we had become toxic to each other.”

3. “I realized I never wanted to marry her. We were together for 3 years and I’d been planning to propose for the last year, but I never felt like doing it. Finally I realized all the procrastinating was me actually knowing deep inside that I didn’t ultimately see myself with her.”

4. “She cheated on me.”

5. “I looked at the my Google calendar and realized it was Friday and that we’d had a major fight every day that week, and that I wasn’t looking forward to the weekend because I’d be spending it at home with her with no break to “escape” to. That was a bad wake-up call.”

6. “Some work friends asked me if I wanted to go in on a Powerball pool with them and I accepted. We were making conversation at lunch and everyone was saying what they’d buy or where they’d go with their money. One guy was saying he’d quit his job and buy a catamaran so he and his girlfriend could just travel around the world together. I realized I’d rather break up with my girlfriend and travel alone.”

7. “When I met my girlfriend she was in a very demanding time in her career studying or working almost constantly. Despite that we still became close and I gave her space to pursue her dream. She was irritable a lot and would have a short-temper, but I assumed it was because of her high-pressure life and it was temporary. After 2-3 more phases of her career — each that came with the assuring notion that “as soon as this part was over” she would have time for me and treat me better. That day never came and I realized I didn’t want to be with a crabby woman who never made time for me forever.”

8. “Our politics used to be aligned, but she got new friends and started reading new stuff that fundamentally changed her beliefs and values. And she doesn’t keep them to herself. She’s unpleasant and proselytizing. My friends hated it and started refusing to come around if she’d be there. It was a stress on my life that overwhelmed the things that attracted me to her to begin with.”

9. “I was keeping things from my wife because I didn’t want to deal with her comments about them. She had become negative about everything. I got an unexpected raise at work and realized I had no one to call and celebrate with me because I expected my wife would find some part of this to bitch about. At that point, I realized I might as well be single.”

10. “I’ve struggled with depression my entire life, but I have a history of managing it pretty well if I am taking meds and staying active. I was engaged to a woman I loved, who knew all about my medical history and told me explicitly that she accepted that this was a part of me. But when the going got tough, she wasn’t there for me. The more depressed I got, the more she withdrew. I was trying during that time, I was really fucking trying. I just wanted her to be with me, I didn’t think I was asking for too much. But she acted like I had the plague and I was going to infect her. The sad part is, she’s still the one who broke it off with me. I would have left, eventually, because I deserve better than her. I guess I was lucky she had more nerve than I did.”

11. “I realized I made her birthday into an elaborate event and the last two years she hadn’t put any planning into mine. We went to dinner and I paid. I didn’t ‘fall out of love’ with her at that moment, but I began planning the breakup. It was a symptom of me always being at the bottom of our relationship.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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