31 True Stories Of Grisly Encounters With Strangers To Remind You To Lock Your Doors Tonight

Every day people post their nightmarish true stories to the Reddit group Lets Not Meet. If you’ve ever been curious about what kind of creeps are out there in the world, here are some of the most interesting recent posts.

What happened to the lock?

In college I lived with my mom and aunt. We had a house on a hill in the woods. You had to drive up to get to the garage and the front yard sloped down to the left to expose all the floors of a pretty turret on the side of the house.
To get to the front door, you had to step onto a wooden walkway that followed along the whole left side of the garage. There was about four feet between the bottom of the walkway and the ground underneath at the door.

I got home late one night and saw my aunts light was still on. She was a night owl like me.

I pulled in, parked and walked up to the front door. It was dark but I could see there was something wrong with the doorknob. It was hanging out of the door and the screws were mostly out. I unlocked the deadbolt, locked it again and went upstairs to ask my aunt what had happened to the knob.

She was really confused and told me she had just been out there smoking and it was fine. I told her it was broken and she argued that she had literally been out there only a minute before and hadn’t even seen me pull in because she was still walking up the stairs to her room.

We both go back downstairs and I show her the door. Her face turned white and we realized that in the time between her shutting the door and me getting to it, someone had tried to break in buy pulling the locks out. We had many more instances after that with someone stalking us but never found out who it was.

Restroom creeper

On Saturday I got a call from a few friends about going to the Mall. It was a stressful week at work so I thought some retail therapy would definitely help. We shopped for the typical lady stuff like make-up, lingerie and shoes before we decided on hitting the food hall for a spot of lunch. I gave the girls my order and told them I would come and find them as I needed to use the restroom. The restrooms at the end of a large and wide corridor, they were your typical mall type with lots of stalls.

Anyway, so I sat down to, well you know…and I could see from the Gap on the floor between the wall of the stall and the floor, lots of movement from someone’s shadow. I wasn’t sure if they’re we getting changed or not so I didn’t pay much attention at first but it felt like the shadow was coming from above at some points. You know as if they light above were being obstructed by something? After maybe the third time I decided to look up and I could see a phone and parts of a guys arm leaning over. Someone was taking photos of me! I instantly shouted out “What the fuck you fucking pervert” and in a moment of sheer shock and disbelief, this all very quickly turned to fear as I got up and leapt out of the stall and was greeted by an empty bathroom. Not one person was insight and from the quick glance of the mirrors opposite, there was only one stall shut that was next to mine. I ran for the restroom exit but it was locked!

Luckily, it had a twist lock that I could turn and as I did, I heard a stall open from behind me. I got out immediately and turned as I exited and noticed a sign on the on the door saying “Closed for Maintenance”, this sign was not here when I went in. I screamed some more, shouting to get anyone’s attention as I ran down to corridor towards the food hall and had obviously caught the attention of a few people. A group of 3 guys stopped me and clearly could see the panic in my eyes, they quizzed me, I explained, two ran towards the ladies restroom and one to find security. Security arrived within seconds. After a while a rather large crowd had gathered due to the commotion and although I was in the comfort of my friends, security and now the Police, I’d never felt more alone. Security and the Police, nor the two guys found any one. There was a few “Staff only” and fire exit doors down the corridor, so plenty of escape routes for whoever this guy was to go through.

I gave my statement down at the station later that day once my parents showed up. The Police said they had security tapes from the CCTV cameras that point down the corridor and will keep us updated with any news.

Hopefully they find this guy.


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  • http://giantstepblog.wordpress.com archfriar

    you never know what’s out there.

  • http://butimbeautiful.wordpress.com butimbeautiful

    scary! on the other hand, I’ve lived 53 years, gone all around the world, and nothing like that’s ever happened to me. Some of us are just fated to have boring lives I guess..

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