In Praise Of The Low-Maintenance Babe: 13 Men Describe What They Love About Laid Back Women

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1. They probably enjoy the outdoors.

“I’m super into outdoor activities so my nightmare is someone who freaks out over little things or needs to look perfect all the time. It’s great to clean up well but I prefer those occasions to be less frequent than going camping or being out on the water where you’ll inevitably look a little messy.”

2. They respect other people’s time.

“My girlfriend never makes me wait. I know it’s silly but I hate when people don’t respect my time, I get upset and it ends up placing undue stress on our relationship. When we have to be somewhere at a certain time, I hate girls who make you wait until they look perfect.”

3. They’re generally nicer.

“Girls who are more laid back are nicer. It’s not all a competition about who looks best for them”

4. They are better with money.

“I was married to a woman who could not handle her money. It drove me nuts. How many dresses and shoes can one person even wear? When I got out of that, I looked for someone who wasn’t so materialistic.”

5. They value the important things in life.

“I love how low maintenance my girlfriend is. It makes me feel like we are on the same page about life instead of these alien creatures to each other. We have the same values which are being active, challenging ourselves, and spending time with family. We don’t care about showing off for others or keeping up with the joneses.”

6. They prioritize enjoying life.

“I’d always dated the same kind of girl: high-maintenance. I liked it because I felt flattered to be with women who put a lot of effort into their appearance. But high-maintenance also seems to always mean they high-drama.

It’s a trade-off I thought I was willing to take until I met my current girlfriend. She was at the beach at a big BBQ some mutual friends had for 4th of July one year. My girlfriend at the time wouldn’t swim, wouldn’t play any games with me, wouldn’t even eat any of the food I bought. When I was going to sleep that night I thought about the other girl and realized ‘this is the kind of life I want. I want my girl to participate with me.’ We broke up a few months later and I immediately started pursuing the other girl.”

7. They pack light.

“I’m the one that ends up carrying all the bags! I appreciate a light packer.”

8. They usually like to do the same kinds of things I do.

“Girls who wear a lot of makeup like to go to bars. Girls who don’t might go fishing with me.”

9. They aren’t messy.

“I hate clutter and mess and it’s inevitably the girls who wear a lot of makeup that are the messiest. They always have stuff spilling all over their counters when I used the bathroom at their place. It’s gross.”

10. But they aren’t afraid to get messy when the situation calls for it.

“Low-maintenance girls are the best! They aren’t prissy or afraid to get embarrassed. They’ll eat a burger or try karaoke or paddle boarding, they are in it to have fun and enjoy themselves, not to have some kind of image.”

11. Their version of a perfect date night is Netflix + chill.

“Low-maintenance girls like low-maintenance dates. They don’t need to go to fancy dinners every day just so you can prove that you like them (through spending a bunch of money). It’s so awesome when a girl is confident in herself and in your relationship and so your hang outs are just about you guys, and not about what kind of show she can put on for her friends via Instagram.”

12. They don’t obsess over your relationship.

“I hate it when you start dating a girl and everything is going great — but then she reads into whether I text her back immediately and what it means if it takes me a few hours because I’m working or at the gym. It eats away at an otherwise healthy relationship and I really appreciate women who have their own lives going on and aren’t ready to obsess over every detail.”

13. They can be spontaneous.

“I prefer low-maintenance to high-maintenance because I don’t like to plan ahead. I love the spontaneity of going on weekend road trip we decide on Friday afternoon while we’re texting at work. Those are the things I look back on, they are always the best memories and make me appreciate having a girlfriend the most. I wouldn’t want to date someone who couldn’t enjoy that with me.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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