50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

26. No….. Please, no.


I had a stalker for about two years. It started at my first apartment when I was 18. He would do little stuff like stand on my porch and tap on the windows or walk around the back yard (I could tell because there was lots of rocks back there that you could here sloshing around) I called the cops they checked it out and said they didn’t see anything. Plus I started tuning it out just figuring it was a wild animal or passer by since It was a row house and there was loads of neighbors.

After about six months me and my boyfriend decided to go see a concert out of town. We left our dogs in the basement and hid the to the house because my brother would come by a few times a day and let the dogs out. When we got home things started getting weird. I should mention three things, one my bedroom had the door to the attic in it with one of those chain locks on it and two the next door apartment was abandoned and three we never went into the attic because it had holes in the floor.

At night we started hearing noises in the attic it sounded like footsteps and the dogs would growl at the door all night. We didn’t find out what the noises were until we moved out. We went up there to get our Christmas decorations and someone had broken the brick and walls apart that separated the two apartments. The other apartment had a bed in the attic and other miscellaneous stuff. We called the lad lot who called the cops and we didn’t have any more strange things happen until about 4 Months into moving into the new place which is where It gets really bad.

My underwear started coming up missing and the house would look like it was being rooted through. The bad side of the new house was it didn’t lock on the side door but my bf nailed the door shut. I go outside one night to let the dogs out and there is a guy outside on the road he starts saying my name over and over and over again. I go inside and call the cops sure enough he’s not there but now at night I can see him walk up and down the road.

One night my bf has to work until midnight and my roommate won’t be home until 6am so I am home alone for three hours. Since I’m scared to sleep alone I lock all the doors turn on the bathroom light and turn on the tv and my fan. I also locked the dogs in the room with me. About an hour after falling asleep I am awakened by the dogs barking loudly but it doesn’t sound like they are in the room. So I sit up and everything is shut off my boyfriend walks in the room and informs me that he is home early and not to worry the power is just out. So I fell back asleep. Until two hours later when my boyfriend comes in the room and asks why everything is off and the dog one dog was Locked in my roommate room and the other was bleeding, I jump out of bed and call the cops.

At which point I notice semen on my bed.

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