5 Adorable Kids (That Were Cold-Blooded Killers)

1. Eric Smith

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULpcGWmD63I&w=584&h=315] When he was just 13 years old Eric Smith brutally murdered a 4-year-old boy. He had seen the boy riding his bike near a park, alone, and brought him into the woods where he undressed him, sodomized him, and killed him by dropping rocks on his head. He has never been able to explain why he committed this crime. His grandparents said of him, “He’d always come in and give us hugs and kisses. He liked being a clown.” He is eligible for parole next April.

2. Josh Phillips

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 3.41.04 PM Imagine this scenario as a parent:

His mother went to clean up his room one morning after Phillips left for school. Mrs. Phillips noticed a wet spot under her son’s bed and thought it was a leak from his waterbed. As she was investigating the bed to see if it needed to be drained, she found electrical tape holding the frame together. She thought her son had known the about leak but didn’t want to get into trouble. She removed enough tape to discover her son’s sock underneath, but she was surprised to feel something cold. The beam of her flashlight showed her the dead body of Maddie Clifton, an 8-year-old neighbor who had been missing for seven days.

Phillips account of what happened is that the two were playing together when he accidently injured Maddie with a baseball bat. In fear of his abusive father, he brought her to his room and “tried to quiet her” by strangling her with a phone cord. He also stabbed her several times.

3. Graham Young

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7_e79Ik3Vs&w=584&h=315] At age 14 this young english boy started poisoning his family. He was fascinated by poisons and chemistry, so he bought the supplies and made them at home, lacing food and testing it on the people around him. After his step-mother died, he was arrested for attempted murder of his father, sister, and another friend. They couldn’t prove he had poisoned his step-mother to death because her body had been cremated.

He was sent to a mental hospital where he continued to study chemistry and test poisons out on fellow inmates and hospital staff. After being released, he went to work for a company that produced chemicals–poisoning his foreman to death as well as non-fatally poisoning 70 other co-workers.

In 2005 a teenage school girl poisoned her family in the same manner as Young after becoming fascinated with a movie based on his life. She kept an online diary of her efforts.

4. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson


These two 10-year-old boys kidnapped, tortured, and killed a 2-year-old they found waiting for his mother outside a store in the mall.

While skipping school, the two boys thought it would be “fun” to lure a little kid outside so that he might get hit by a car.

And then this happened:

During their two-mile walk, the 10-year-old boys had punched, kicked, picked up and dropped James on his head. Some of the acts were seen by passersby who ignored them, thinking that they were just two older brothers who didn’t know how to take care of their younger brother. Jon and Robert brought James onto the local railway, where they flung paint in his left eye, threw stones at him, beat him with bricks, and hit him with an iron bar. They also sexually assaulted him and laid his body on the railroad track, covering his bleeding head with bricks when they thought he was dead. It was reported that James died sometime before the train hit him.

5. Mary Bell


When Mary was just 10-years old she killed her first victim (a 4-year-old boy) and 11 when she killed her second (a 3-year-old boy). After strangling the boys in an abandoned house, she returned later to carve letters into one of their bodies with a razor, later mutilating his penis.

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