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6 Products That Will Help Even Chronic Overthinkers Relax

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Even though we all have been told how important relaxation is for our overall health, mental wellness and longevity, it’s still treated like an indulgence in our culture.

Relaxation is something that should be baked into our every day routine! Taking breaks throughout your day to do stress management helps people sleep more soundly, manage their blood sugar, have higher cognitive function (they think better), and lowers blood pressure. Relaxation also helps reduce headaches and chronic pain, and improves digestion.

Here are 6 products that will help remind even busy overthinkers to take breaks for relaxation:

Wonder Wellness Gummies*

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You’re never too old for gummy bears. And these cannabis-infused gummies are the perfect adult treat before a relaxing night at home. The THC + CBD blend will help you feel like your worries are being washed away and all you have to do is relax and observe. *Individual experiences may vary.

A Calming Candle

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Scent is a powerful way to change your mood. Aveda’s Rosemary Mint scent is legendary for its transformative calming scent. The smell of rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, and flower and plant essences will fill whatever room you light it in.

Watercolor Kit

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It never seems like a convenient time to be fully unproductive and just “play” as an adult. But this is exactly something we should all be making time for. Not only is getting lost in the process of creation great for stress management, it’s also how we process our feelings and have “deep thinking” time. Doing something physical and somewhat repetitive is a great way to move your mind from “so stressed” to “what was I worrying about?” Find a cute set of any art supplies that speak to you and a notebook you’ll love filling in. A little watercolor set is an inexpensive place to start for beginner artists.

Galaxy Projector

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One of my best secrets for getting out of a stressed mindset is what Brené Brown calls “zooming out”. I try to get perspective on the scale of my problem by thinking about how much or how little it will affect me in 5 years, or how big it is in the scale of other problems I’ve overcome. Sometimes, I just look at pictures of space and think about how insignificant my worries are. To get in this zoomed-out state of mind, I’ll even just use my galaxy projector when I’m having a tough week and I know I need help relaxing. The visuals literally make me feel like I’ve transported myself somewhere where my worries are very small.

Sheet Mask

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Sheet masks are the best because you can just open them up and put them on while you’re sitting on the couch. You don’t need to be in the bathroom and you can just take it off and throw it away when you’re done. They are SO much easier than every other kind of mask, and then you feel like you took 10/10 care of yourself. I also like the little snail masks for under your eyes if they are puffy from stress, lack of sleep, or seasonal allergies.

Weighted Blanket

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Weighted blankets work by tricking your brain into thinking you’re being held! It’s the same idea that helps dogs and cats with anxiety when they wear a pressure wrap. The heavier the weight of the blanket, the more relaxed you feel underneath it.

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