5 Steps To Get Laid Using Tinder

If you’re a single guy and not living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard of the dating or rather hook up app called Tinder. Tinder is basically an application that lets you like or dislike profiles of people by swiping right for “like” or left for “nope”. Tinder lets users upload pictures from their Facebook profile and also adds a snippet of information from their profile as well.

Although women are on tinder for different reasons, tinder is in my opinion better for one night stands than OKCupid or PlentyofFish because subconsciously, women view Tinder as a “hook-up” app”.

The goals of this guide are simple:

  1. Get an attractive girls attention/attraction
  2. Get her number as soon as possible
  3. GET LAID within 24 hours on tinder. Ideally within 2 hours.NOT get a date, not text a girl endlessly and hope she chooses you and certainly, not to go on multiple dates.

The facts to remember:

  1. There are at any given time, a number of girls that are DTF (down to fuck) on tinder.
  2. EVERY attractive girl on tinder has multiple guys messaging them and they are interested in multiple guys as well.

Tinder is possibly the most superficial dating app out there and it works so well for precisely that reason.

I signed up to tinder and after a few weeks of tinkering around, I must say I’ve become quite good at it.

Basically, in the last 3 days, I’ve been on four “Tinder Dates” and hooked up with two of the four women. All four were attractive – not as attractive as women I’d approach in person, but attractive enough to hook up with. The week before that, I met five girls from tinder and hooked up with one.

After extensive tweaking and a LOT of messages sent out, I’ve developed a surefire way to get dates and more specifically, hook up with girls from Tinder.

1.  Your Photos

Your tagline on tinder is irrelevant. Only your pictures matter on first impression. Tinder is a superficial app and you literally have a few seconds to a make a first impression-in fact, a lot of times you have less than a second before she swipes to the left.

First Picture: This should be a GOOD picture of your face. By good picture, let me specify: It should show the “best side” of your face. If you are not sure, as a few female friends what they think of you picture, if you were a stranger. If you are a really good looking guy (i.e when you are not smiling, women in general refer to you as “hot”), you don’t necessarily need to smile.

If you are not a traditionally “good looking guy,” get that angle right and smile! In a separate post, I will discuss facial aesthetics and how you can maximize your looks. Every guy can be considered good-looking if he puts in the effort.

Second Picture: This should be one of you in a social situation,with well groomed guys preferably well dressed. Mine has me in a fitted suit. It communicates maturity, sophistication, high status, fashion sense and a thriving social life with males friends of high status.

Third Picture: This should be a picture that shows off your body. If you’ve been working out and taking care of your body, this picture should show you doing something natural- chilling with friend on the beach, lounging at the lake, chopping wood, mid-transformation into your werewolf – whatever. Just make sure its not a selfie of you in your bathroom mirror-UNLESS, you have a phenomenal physique. This guide is about getting laid on tinder, not finding a relationship.

Fourth Picture: Optional. If you’ve got killer pictures for the above three, you are good to go.

2. Profile

I recommend creating a new facebook profile just for tinder. However, this has been known to be glitchy with tinder and end up giving you no matches at all. One of the first things you should do is start liking pages that girls like in general. This increase the interests you have in common. Usually TV shows that girls love will get you there. I dont watch TV as its a waste of valuable time, but a google search let me know what is popular out there.

3. Technique

Swipe right. Let me explain something to you, guys. In the real world, women get to pick and choose who they want to sleep with. Getting laid for men is a numbers game, with the probability of you getting laid increasing as you improve you looks, lifestyle, Game and social status.

With Tinder, you’ve got your looks down and sub-communicated your status. Your next step is to play the numbers game. Don’t fall into the trap of looking for attractive women and discounting those you don’t find attractive.

The reason for this is that it is a WASTE OF TIME. If you were to pause at every third girl you found moderately attractive, check out her pictures and read her tagline, you just wasted a few precious seconds.

Swipe and get as many matches as possible. If you live in a large city of 1 million+ residents and you have followed my above instructions, you WILL get multiple matches.You can filter for the girls you find attractive as the matches line up. I prefer to get 6-10 matches before I start messaging.

4. Messaging

The purpose of messaging is two fold:

  1. To Screen the girl and see if she is looking to get laid, or DTF.
  2. To Get her number.

Send out messages to all your matches. Remember – you are looking to meet up with women on tinder THAT DAY. As in, within a 24 hour period.

Here’s a sample from one of the girls I hooked up with. I was messaging with a few other girls as well. I’ve included two examples of interactions where I hooked up with chicks: one for travelling men and one for men who don’t travel as much. These are WORD for WORD without any editing.

Non-travelling men: This was a 20-year-old college student at a local college.

On Tinder:

Me: hey hey

Jenna: hey!

Me: What’s up cutie :)

Jenna: At the library working on a group project…what u doin?

Me: At the gym letting out some stress – long day. Tough project or so-so?

Jenna: ugh soso over it though”

Me: Lol – I feel your pain. Text me xxx-xxx-xxxx- easier

Jenna: O.k!


Jenna: “Heyyy”

Me: Yo! Can you give me a recommendation for a decent bar in town? BTW, you’re really attractive, Jenna!

Jenna: Thanks! You’re pretty handsome, yourself !What are you into? ___,___,_____- are good.

Me: o.k, I’ll check them out-you should come over for a drink when you are done with your project.

Jenna: Where do you live?

Me: ______ by___________ street

Jenna: I’d love to but, my car got swiped yesterday and is not in the best condition for driving

Jenna: You could always come over to my place for a drink…

Me: K-I’m getting off from the gym now- gonna shower. Text me you address and I’ll let you know before I come over.

Jenna: * Address*

I went over to her place – she told me her roommates were at the library all night (it was finals week last week), so chilled and drank for about 30 mins. I asked her to show me her room and once we were inside, I pulled her to me. Make out, condoms, bang.

The next example is  for men who travel a lot, which I believe is where the beauty of tinder reveals itself, because you can get higher quality(better looking educated,sophisticated,more interesting) women – especially if you travel out of a smaller town with less going on. Again, it’s a real interaction which happened last week.

On Tinder:

Me: Heyy what’s up- dang! You are cute!

Jess: Hey thanks :) you are pretty dang cute yourself

Me: Thank you :) I’m visiting Dallas-making new friends, but the weather is killing me!

Jess: “Visiting from where?”

Jess: And yes, the weather is terrible!

Me: From LA. You look like a sophisticated lady-what bars do you recommend in the downtown area?

Jess: Haha-take me to LA with you.Whats your scene? Theres a party at_____ that my friend is promoting , techno music at______ and a cool dj at _____

I honestly haven’t been out in awhile, but I’ll be going out tonight.

Me: Hey-text me, its much easier xxx-xxx-xxxx


At this point she texts me:

Jess: Heyy, Its Jess

Me: O.k – you are quite the resource! I will look them up later and perhaps bar hop.Hopefully find something with a dancefloor.

Hit me up later and if you end up in a really fun place!

Jess: O.k!

Three hours later…

Jess: Did you find somewhere to go?

Me: “Yes! Bar____. Its banging in here!”

Jess: “Haha ok! I’m at_____ . Theres a dancefloor…just sayin,lol.

Me: Theres a bigger dancefloor here- come over, its a 3 min cab ride.What are you drinking?I’ll have one waiting for you.

Jess: I’m in the line-come get me.

And that was that, men. I took her back to my hotel room and tore it up.

5. Breakdown

In both cases, I used the same very basic formula:

1. Get her attention and her number: I always tell them as soon as possible that they are cute / attractive. Because I’ve done a great job on my profile pictures, I usually get a compliment back in return. If she doesn’t respond to my compliment, I will immediately ask her. “Aren’t you going to tell me that I look cute as well?” (Credit Chris at goodlookingloser.com  *possible trigger images*).The next and MOST IMPORTANT step is that I ask her to do something for me! Usually, its recommendation to a bar. Why do I do this? Its called the Benjamin Franklin effect. “The Benjamin Franklin Effect states that once a person has done you a favor they will be more likely to do you another favor.”

In this case, it is not a favor, but we are trying to get her number as soon as possible. Consequently, I give her my number and tell her to text me because its “easier”. Girls are more likely to text you when you give out more number first. They are even more likely to do so when they are invested in you.

2. Meet her that night: Always go for the meet up that night. There are a hundred guys messaging her at the same time. I know because, I had every girl I hooked up with show me their tinder app and I read the messages other guys were sending them. Heck, I even had girl setting up future dates with guys as I was using the bathroom!

The longer you wait for the meet up , the less likely you will have sex with her. If you are in a different town, make sure that you mention that you are new in town. This exponentially increases you chances of meeting up that day.

There you go! Go forth and get laid. Feel free to post any results, comments or questions in the comment box below.

This post originally appeared at Quit Porn Get Girls.

image – Tinder

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