You’ve Been Washing Your Face Wrong Your Whole Life (And She Will Show You How To Do It Right)

As many of you know, I have skin problems (and have all my life), so one of my favorite activities is torturing myself on YouTube with tutorials on how to have perfect skin, by people who already have perfect skin. It’s a weird hobby, I know, but it brings me a great deal of masochistic pleasure. In any case, few people have caught my eye on the ‘Tube quite like Isabelle Bellis, impossibly stylish and ethereal French epidermologist who — when she’s not performing thousand-plus-dollar facials on NYC’s elite — gives tips on how to perfectly wash your face to the paupers. It should be noted here that a full TWO of her several-step process is spraying your face liberally with something called “thermal water,” so that your skin is ready and able to receive the product. Anyway, here is her tutorial on how to was your face:

And for the advanced students in the class (or just those who, like me, are hypnotized by her soothing voice and fairy-like appearance), here is the second part of the tutorial, explaining how to moisturize:

Enjoy, and may you feel as badly about yourself as I do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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