36 Guys Share Their Biggest Turn-Offs In A Single Girl’s Apartment

Friends / Amazon.com
Friends / Amazon.com
Found on AskReddit.

1. I mean who WOULD want this?

A cockblocking male roommate.

2. Sure this girl wasn’t actually a toddler?

Dated a girl who only had an air mattress and piles of clothes EVERYWHERE. She used to piss the bed all the time when she got drunk too. Never again.

3. This sounds like the opening scene to a very scary movie.

Was hanging out with this girl whose bedroom was just a train wreck. I’ve let my room get a bit messy at times, though I tidy up if I expect company especially, but this was just bad. Half eaten pizza still in the room for what seemed like some time. Hasn’t washed her sheets in god knows how long. Dirty underwear strewn about. The worst part? She slept with the lights on and Counting Crows playing all night. Who does that?

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