45 People Share The Best Piece Of Advice They’ve Ever Heard

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Mt. Hood Territory
Mt. Hood Territory

1. On giving excuses.

Don’t ruin a good apology with an excuse

2. On comparing.

If you keep comparing your life to someone else’s you will never be happy.

3. On “hoping.”

“Hope is not a strategy.”

My dad says this whenever someone says “I hope this works out” or something.

Pretty much it means you can’t rely on something working out, if you want it to work do something to make it happen!

4. On saving.

Always save 10% of what you earn.

5. On toilets.

Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.

6. On manners.

Make eye contact when shaking hands.

7. On college.

My dad gave me this piece of advice before I left for college: “Treat it like a job. Work 9 to 5, going to classes, then studying in a quiet spot in the library. Nothing to do? Work ahead on papers and assignments.” I did as he directed from the first day after orientation. I never pulled an all-nighter writing a paper or studying for exams. I never missed a class. College wasn’t a stressful experience for me, despite being in a competitive major. I graduated with a 3.83.

8. On priorities.

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.

9. On taking photos.

When you’re on vacation, take pictures of all the amazing places you see, sure, but make sure you or your friends are in the photos too. In 20 years when you look back at them, you’re not going to care about the Eiffel Tower, you’re going to care about the people you love standing in front of it.

10. Don’t brag.

Don’t boast about your abilities, if they are good enough, people will do the talking for you.

11. A simple maxim.

Do no harm, but take no shit.

12. Not everything is as it seems.

Once on a farm there was a bird. The bird would follow a cow around, and when the cow took a dump, the bird would eat the seeds out of the poop. One day the bird got too close and the cow shit all over him. An old barn cat saw this and came over and cleaned off the bird. As soon as the bird was nice and clean the cat ate him. Not everyone that craps on you is your enemy, not everything that cleans you off is your friend.

13. On vocabulary.

Your thoughts are limited by your vocabulary.

14. On worshipping.

I actually read this one on Reddit: “the moment you place someone on a pedestal they will look down upon you.”

15. Always fact-check.

Trust, but verify.

16. Advice given on the day of his death.

“Don’t forget, your life is what you live it. Live it with no regret.” ~My grandpa the day he passed away.

17. Don’t overstep your boundaries.

If it’s wet and it’s not yours, don’t touch it.

18. Don’t give undue respect.

Never treat someone like a priority when that someone treats you like you’re an option.

Also, the grass is always greener where you water it.

19. On being critical of others.

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I have been turning over in my mind ever since. “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages you’ve had.”

20. On love.

Love is action. If you love someone you show them rather than only tell them. Learned from my interpersonal relationships professor in college.

21. Be patient.

Get it working first, then make enhancements.

22. On insecurities.

Stop being self-conscious. Nobody is paying any attention to you. Everyone is paying more attention to themselves.

23. On the importance of setting aspirations.

You need to have goals in your life.

“If you live without dreams, without hope, you will move through life in a very hollow way” – Richard Boyatzis.

24. On worrying.

If you spend today worrying about tomorrow, you’ll never be happy.

25. Advice from Tom Wolfe.

I saw Tom Wolfe speak once and he said this, which I will never forget: Everyone has one great novel in them – it is the story of your life. The problem is that second one. No one wants to read about the author who wrote one great novel and is trying to figure out what to do next. Go out, experience the world, learn about new and interesting subjects.

26. On your past.

Draw from your past, don’t let your past draw from you.

27. On respect.

Respect is not a thing that comes through name, profession or money, respect is something earned through the things you do and the way you live.

28. On learning.

Surround yourself by people smarter than you and better at your job than you. It’s the best way to learn.

29. Relationship advice.

When it comes to your S/O, pick your battles. You can’t win them all.

30. Everything’s relative.

You may have it tough, but there’s always someone out there who has it worse. And they certainly don’t plan on giving up.

31. On the importance of masturbation.

Masturbate before any major decision.

32. Don’t be too presumptuous.

Always treat a gun like it’s loaded.

It’s just so applicable to other parts of life.

33. On promises.

There is nothing more worthless than a promise. Never accept one. Anyone who promises you something is desperately trying to fuck you over.

34. On thinking ahead.

Don’t point out a problem unless you have a better solution.

35. On drinking.

Don’t drink when you’re upset, it’ll become a trend.

36. Be wary.

You’re only seeing everyone else’s highlight reel.

37. On forgiveness.

I’ve quoted this before and I’ll quote it again. It was given to me by a soccer coach at a summer camp I went to when I was a kid. I was super mad at this other kid and the coach pulls me aside, looks me in the eyes and says, “Forgiveness is Freedom”. I clearly remember it to this day.

38. On giving up.

Giving up is always easier than holding on. Funny how people have the courage to miss out the potential and start all over again. Usually repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Don’t give up yet.

39. On maintaining health.

Take care of your health, it’s the best thing you own.

40. On time.

If you have time to do it wrong, you have time to do it again.

41. Always look where you’re going.

Don’t look down at your feet when you’re walking, look up instead. See the horizon. See the world.

42. On unneeded distractions.

“Don’t worry about what they’re doing, worry about what you’re doing” – My aunt, while teaching me how to drive. But I find it applicable pretty much everywhere.

43. On revenge.

Living well is the best revenge.

44. On taking responsibility.

My kindergarten teacher changed my mindset forever when she asked where my backpack was. I told her, “Mommy forgot my backpack.” To which she replied, “Whose backpack?” I didn’t even need to respond. Those two words gave me so much insight into what it means to take responsibility for your own actions. I also learned firsthand why you should never touch your eyes after handling chili peppers. Shit burns and you miss recess, but that was a different day.

45. Never reveal too much.

Never write down anything you wouldn’t want read in court. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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