19 People Who Were Kidnapped (Or Almost Kidnapped) Tell Us The Terrifying Stories Of What Went Down

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David Lenker
David Lenker

1. OCC112

I grew up in Pakistan. In 2009 when I was 14, I was going to the nearby store to get Pepsi. It was around 2 PM, people were taking their afternoon naps and the streets were empty. This van passes me a couple of times and I don’t think much about it. 3 minutes later I see two people get out of the van and they point a gun at me. I wasn’t really surprised or I didn’t shit my pants because I knew this was going to happen as most of my friend’s were kidnapped for ransom before. I agreed, sat down next to them. They blindfolded me and the next thing I know is that I was in a room with a TV. They treated me pretty well as long as I did what they said. One day I asked for pizza and they got me some. I spent a week in that room just watching TV and talking to the kidnappers. They told me the reason they kidnapped me is because they needed money and they couldn’t provide for their families with their current jobs. My parents paid around $20,000 and they let me go. Never saw them again and in 2010 I moved to the U.S.

2. Merriwell

I was kidnapped when I was 10.

Three men in suits convinced me they were police officers, and they had badges and told me my mother was hurt and they were going to take me to the hospital. They were super detailed. They knew my mother’s full name and the names of everyone in my family. They approached me asking, “son, can you confirm for us you are Merriwell?” And then provided the information about my family to make me feel secure.

They drove me to what ended up being just outside the city, opened the door and that’s the last I remember from right there.

I woke up in a padlocked dog cage, naked. The first 24 hours, they just kept hosing me down so I was constantly wet and crying. They would never smiled or laughed that day, and barely even spoke. Just the hose and staring.

The next day was when the rape and abuse started. They would force me from the cage, after I made it clear I wasn’t cooperating, and did things I constantly try to forget. I really don’t feel that anyone would be better off reading it.

The third and final day was when the talk of the chase started. This is when the laughing that haunts my mind started. I hear that fucking laughter every day in my head. They spray painted me red, as best they could while I was in the cage, and told me if I was nice and good then, they wouldn’t have to hurt me as bad before they started chasing me.

I finally accepted their terms and told them I was sorry for being bad, and that I loved them. It was what they had been asking me to say the entire time. The smallest of them gave me a hug, and the next thing I remember was being woken up in the back of a different car than the one they had taken me in.

The small one told me it was time for the end, and he wasn’t going to hurt me before I ran. He opened the door and I sprinted. I was in a very hilly area, but it butted up against really thick trees. They all started laughing and I heard a gun shot. I bolted for the trees and made it in before I heard them. I stayed super close to the tree line, and as soon as I thought they were all three in the trees, I snuck out back towards where we came from. I never heard them after that.

I made it to a road and found some houses. The first three doors I knocked on didn’t answer, and I know for a fact one of them was home. I saw them look at me through the window. Finally at the fourth house, a woman opened her door and I ran into her house and just started crying. The rest is very basic, getting back with family, the police investigating. No one was ever arrested, or punished. Once, about 5 years ago, I thought a guy looked like one of the three, but the report on the news was about him being killed by police after a traffic stop where he pulled a gun on the cop. So I never really got to find out any more.


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