31 Students On Their Worst Teacher Horror Stories

Redditors share their most appalling teacher stories. Found on r/AskReddit.

1. priceless277

My high school history teacher once told a student he could leave class early if he beat him in a fight. We all pushed the desks to the edge of the classroom, and watched a 20 second fight that ended with my teacher choking out his student.

I didn’t like the kid so I thought it was awesome, but it definitely fits into the inappropriate category.

2. _Chrono_

Worst thing I’ve seen was when a teacher was so fed up with a student’s BS (this kid was a dick to her) in her Grade 8 science class that she literally choked him and threw him out of the room. Got fired the next day.

3. BreezyyB

I had a male math teacher in high school, Mr.Rod. One day he told us not to be afraid of counting on our fingers, he said and I quote, “In math fingers will be useful, & ladies you will find when you are lonely they will be your best friends.” He was a fucking douche.

Edit: this happened in Georgia, I don’t know where he taught before. He said inappropriate stuff like this all the time.

4. passenger955

My MSU professor took all his clothes off, and ran around the place yelling until the cops arrested him.

5. zombiezzrule

When I was in year 8 I asked my teacher if he had any glue. He said no, but there was another sticky substance he could produce for me. Never been so scared in my life.

6. [deleted]

This happened to a mate. The English teacher at his high school had to supervise the PE class and was not happy about it. He gathered all the boys and said “OK, pick two teams”. Once the boys were split up he said “Alright team one, you run clockwise around the oval. Team two, go anti clockwise. When you meet, have a fight, I’m going to the fucken pub”. Then he stalked off, muttering. Teacher of the year.

7. lidsville76

It was the first week of first grade, and my parents were starting a divorce. I am to this day unaware of what I did, but apparently it was the most vile act humanly possible. As expected of first graders who commit acts of treason against the state, my teacher got enraged at my actions. This lead to me being called out in front of the class. I stood in front of everyone and was forced to pull down my pants, tighty-whities included, and I got a spanking, the kind that makes grown men weep and beg for death. The school calls my mom and she is pissed….for not getting her permission. And in case people were wondering, this was 1983

8. BulbyBlast

One of my teachers didn’t let this kid go to the bathroom after he told her it was an emergency. He responded by shitting his pants and leaving it all behind on his seat as he left. He gained my respect that day.

9. Rachrawr

I had a teacher once who offered a dinner date with him for the person who got the highest score on his test. When the girl with the highest score refused his offer, he got upset and bothered her about it even a few years after she finished his course.

10. Laur-Ent

My German class got a pretty weak substitute teacher one day, and so everyone got rowdy and uncontrollable pretty fast. The sub lady kept trying to teach through all the noise, talking quietly and writing translations on the board. Over the space of about 15 minutes, she lost her shit. First, her writing became unreadable. Then it turned to scribbles. She just kept scribbling and mumbling, while the rest of the class was oblivious. She eventually dropped/threw the pen on the ground, and just walked out. 20 minutes later another teacher walked in and asked us what the fuck happened. Apparently the sub was found having kind-of-an-episode crying under a desk. Turned out she was probably an alcoholic. We all felt pretty bad.

11. traderjoestrekmix

Teacher flipped over a desk and stormed out of the classroom cussing his ass off first thing in the morning after he put an answer on the board to a problem we were working on and some kid who missed it said “holy tits I wasn’t even close.”

12. Raincoats_George

Lets see. My band teacher in middle school was a great music instructor. I learned how to play the trumpet from him and he was vital in my early development as a musician. That being said, the man was far from what you might expect from a teacher. He would tell his class of fourteen year olds about how he watched a man burn alive once in a car accident. How he went over to his friends house one day and helped him pick his dads brain matter off the wall when he committed suicide. He would throw things at us, make fun of us for fucking up, lose his temper, all of it. The thing is that he still could get the band playing well in the end and we loved him. I played in his band for four years and by the end, most had dropped out but the small group we had left was a good fucking band for our age. We knew how to play with the others and get a good sound.

13. mrmpr

My grade 11 social studies teacher:

How many Jews can you fit in a Volkswagen? 45. 5 in the seats, 40 in the ash tray. And with that, lets start our unit on the holocaust.

14. Thesoccerninja

My teacher would call out a guy in class saying that he had the worst grade there.

15. [deleted]

My favorite teacher ever—English, freshman year of high school—walked up to my desk, picked up my white-out, took a super deep sniff, shuddered, said “that’s the stuff,” and walked away.

16. Owsie

One of my teachers tied a kid’s shoes together when he was sleeping. It could have been funny if it was just some regular kid, but this kid had some home problems and everyone in the class knew that, even the teacher. I untied them whilst making eye contact the whole time with the teacher just shaking my head.

17. chitownbears15243

From k-4th grade we had a male gym teacher who seemed to love getting touchy with the kids. While I was changing in the locker room one day, I hit my head on the corner of a locker. I was bare ass naked and he came into the room and started hugging me. I didn’t think much of it at the time but he was fired later that year after many kids went home and told their parents about his behaviors.

18. juluqu2

My calculus teacher forces kids who are late to class to eat pickled herring.

19. back2reddit

My old high school gym teacher used to really obviously ogle girls in our class, calling us his “special friend” (I shit you not) and having us lead stretches in front of the class. He made a pass at one of my friends and her mom rained hell upon the principal, and that’s the last we saw of him.

20. MsLynette

A student at my school made a comment about wanting to fuck a teacher’s daughter to his face. Said teacher threw the student up against a wall. He was temporarily suspended and students petitioned for him to keep his job. The teacher returned the following school year. The student did not.

21. Xeno_phile

I had a teacher who would eat chalk while waiting for us to answer questions. Just snap off the end like it was a Slim Jim.

22. TheSnowmanRapist

Last week, my physics teacher was teaching us about the electromagnetic spectrum, lasers specifically that day. So he took his camera and showed the students how to do a 5-10 second shutter exposure, letting us draw images by moving the laser point. Well this kid said “draw on my face with the laser,” so obviously a penis was drawn on his forehead. When we showed the teacher, he couldn’t stop laughing and saved it onto the computer to show other science teachers.

23. jeffedge

Had a teacher that showed up late and hungover all the time in my 9th grade year. Dude was a massive douchebag anyway but one day he was slurring and being a dick. I made some comment and he flipped and started screaming and told me to get out. As I was walking out he kept trying to get in the last word and I wouldn’t let him an kept mouthing off. He pushed a kid out of their chair and threw it at me. It missed and hit and broke the window next to the door. He never got in trouble for being a drunk, constantly late, or trying to harm a student.

24. Tsmart

My math teacher is an old man who flirts with the girls in the class daily. He was also the women’s softball coach for a few years before he got kicked out of that. He openly admits in class that he likes looking at the girls, and wishes they all sat in the front.

I actually started a journal writing down all of the things that could potentially get him fired. He’s going down.

25. vermilionpulseSFW

I was a junior in High school when the Nick Berg decapitation video made news. My teacher decided it was worthy to show the class. I wasn’t personally hurt by seeing it, but he was fired that week.

26. NoWittyUsername

I was given a “Boobie Award” in 7th grade. I thought it was because our group project was a flop, but years later I realized the only other person to get an award was another girl in the same group with equally sized boobs.

27. SnailTrail1

About 6 years ago in 6th grade I watched my history teacher throw a kid’s books in the trash, then hold him up by the neck on the blackboard and scream in his face. All because the kid accidentally knocked the teacher’s shit off the top of an overhead projector. The kid was kinda a shit head but this was a genuine accident and teachers shouldn’t go that far regardless. All the rest of us in the room were fucking freaked out.

28. _wonderstruck

My rhetoric professor who was in his upper 50s assigned us a paper on the “hook-up culture” and what it has become recently. After going through some rough drafts in class, he singled me out asked me in front of everyone how to hook-up with someone and how threesomes work. The first day of class he also said fuck a lot which threw us off.

29. fieldgrass

A very pregnant student at my high school was loudly complaining about how swollen her feet had gotten, and the teacher responded with, “Well, at least you’ve got boobs now.”

He was removed.

30. Geolologist

I had a teacher when I was 15 for geology who would shout the name of somebody he deemed to be “acting the prat” as he would say, then throw a rock at them. He justified it as learning because when we caught it he would demand a full rock description, name and theory on how the rock originated.

Mr Murton is the reason I now study geology.

31. belligerent_bear

My teacher expressed a very sincere desire to aide islamic extremist terrorism.

In the wake of an al’qaeda operative escaping from a local prison she told the whole class that he was a great man and she was going to try to go and find him so she could hide him and feed him in payment for his great deeds. She also said a flood was coming because of the gays and that it would kill all of the gays because gay people can’t swim. She said you deserved to die if you didn’t know the language of your native country (there was a Korean kid in the class that didn’t speak Korean, only English.) Her exact words were “I should shoot you dead.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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