4 Legitimate Reasons Pretty Little Liars Is The Worst Show On Television

Amazon / Pretty Little Liars
Amazon / Pretty Little Liars

When I die I want the writers of PLL to bury me so they can let me down one last time.

We’ve all fallen for “that guy”. You know, the stereotypical one who we like oh so much but know is no good for us. You know it, your friends know it, hell, even your parents know it but you don’t care because when you’re together the highs are so freaking high, but the lows are heartbreakingly low.

You hope that the next time will be better so you continue to give them one last try, BUT, as expected, they fail you each time. And you just can’t quit him because damn, he’s charming and you’re weak and a glutton for punishment. Well Pretty Little Liars is that “that guy” in show format.

It continuously disappoints yet millions of us come back every Tuesday. But after this recent finale I’m thinking enough is enough and I deserve a TV show that doesn’t raise my anxiety levels and blood pressure. Here are some storylines that lead me to my difficult decision:

1. Ezra Being “A”

When the show premiered, everyone had an opinion of Ezria’s seemingly illegal, morally confusing teacher/student relationship (not to mention that she was 16 and he 22), but I saw right past that because I was a hopeless romantic and they’re soul mates and love is love. Finding out that Ezra was just using Aria to get info out of her and her friends to write a book about their missing/dead friend was the biggest stab in the heart any TV show has ever given me. I’m still hurt over it. I trusted him! I defended him weekly to all my friends who were like “Ew, but he’s her teacher blah blah…” because I knew the real deal. So I forgave him for lying about having once been engaged, and I swooned when he told her parents about them, and the first time he said “I love you” and when he was ready to quit his job so they could be together, but turning him into “A” was just…unforgivable, PLL writers, UN-FOR-GIV-A-BLE! I feel personally victimized by this because Ezra gave me trust issues.

2. Killing All The Black People

This show seriously only had 3 Black people on it in 5 seasons, and even then they were biracial like every other Black person on TV (except for the stars of Shonda Rhimes’ shows; love you, girl!) But what’s awful is that the writers killed all three of them! 10 people have died on this show, but did all three of the only minorities on this show (besides my bae Shay) have to be victims, PLL writers? And that’s not even the worst part, oh no: one of the Black characters who died was murdered by another Black character. Thumbs. Down. (Also, team Emaya 4lyfe.)

3. Mona Being The Center Of Important Finales

The Season 2 winter finale we found out who “A” was: Mona. Ok, not bad, I could see it: she has borderline personality disorder, she’s hella smart and sneaky, she could totally be responsible for murder and kidnapping and torturing a town for two seasons. But making her the huge “murder victim” of the season 5a finale also? Unacceptable. This show has too many characters to waste two finales on the same one. You should’ve killed Toby because let’s get real, he has become so #irrelevant

4. Charles!?!

I know this is the question circulating the airwave of all social media and damn is it worth it. I had SUCH high expectations for the recent finale just to be disappointed yet again. Seriously? Charles? Alright, I get playing with the whole “twin thing” because of the books, but CHARLES? WHO THE HELL IS CHARLES?! So Jason has a twin? He’s “pretty eyes”? He killed his mother? Why does he hate the girls so much? I know the DiLaurentis family is 50 shades of disturbed but COME. THE. HELL. ON. CHARLES?! I hate this show. I will not be watching stupid seasons 6 and 7 because I cannot afford to continue allowing this show to ruin my like and skew my outlook on life.

Jk – the season 6 premiere is most likely Tuesday, June 9th @ 8 pm. In there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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