Why Accountants, Yes, Accountants, Actually Make The Best Lovers

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People in certain professions are seen as attractive, like investment bankers, musicians, and doctors. But accountants bring something unique to a relationship people in other relationships don’t. What’s life without an accountant anyway? Accountants bring stability and poise in our lives that we all crave for. Here are some reasons why accountants make the most passionate lovers.

1. They are ethical

There are strict accounting standards that make accountants principled. Of course they will value the ethics a relationship deserves. Their standards may be high but this will keep the relationship in check.

2. They know the true meaning of value over money

They know money is a scarce resource and when spending it they value accountability. Perhaps this is why they can understand the true meaning of financial rewards or the value money should give.

The best people in your life should be those who understand the positive angle of money. Accountants know why money shouldn’t be everything in a relationship but the value it provides is more important.  So whether you sell photos online or buy your favorite book, they would always question your financial motive and help you make clear financial decisions.

3. They have a job

They have something going right for them in terms of employment. Accounting is a highly sought after skill. Certainly, your partner would be employed and would be supportive financially in the relationship. Don’t worry about those restaurant bills or knowing they won’t be asking for anything. Rather they will do everything financially to make you happy.

4. They handle the numbers when you are at an occasion

You don’t need to look for a calculator when you see a discounted good or when you have to pay that tip and make sure the numbers add up. They would certainly make sure all your transactions are fair and to your advantage. No one will be taking advantage of you when you want to close a deal since you have someone who is at your side who has a good understanding of numbers.

5. They understand balance

Accountants are the champions of balance, they know that an action on one side could have implications on the other side of an equation. They know why you should balance activities and they will help you attain this. Whether it is in career, family, relationships and personal growth, accountants can and will help you maintain equilibrium.

6. They know why it is essential to give and take

A relationship should have mutual benefits. It shouldn’t be all about one person’s desire. Since an accountant knows what credit and debit or inflow and outflow mean, they can relate with why there must be giving and taking in a relationship. So if you make a nice gesture, know that he will reciprocate and truly it. Accountants are detailed and can recognize those little acts of kindness you make in the relationship. Certainly, they would always find a way to make you happy in return.

7. They speak their mind in the relationship

They say it the way it is. If something is not right, it is not right. Certainly, accountants must understand that computations are either right or wrong, so there is no room for vagueness. Accountants just have to be clear. They let you know where they stand and why.

8. Your friends will love them

Accountants deal with people every day, and so their communication skills are enhanced. Accountants work hard to make both their employers and clients happy. They are somewhat of a people pleaser.

9. Your parents would love them too

Yes, your parents would see a responsible person who wants to make their child happy. Accountants tend to bring a sense of security to those they encounter. Of course, your parents will believe you are in good hands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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