I’m Finally Ready To Say Goodbye

 Everton Vila
Everton Vila

Goodbye to how you made me feel, like I was less than or unworthy of your time and attention.

Goodbye to your lies and who you really were deep down, the shameful parts you never let me see.

Goodbye to the constant anxiety that “defining our relationship” always gave me, because you know better than me, that we were never on the same wavelength.

Goodbye to missed opportunities I let slip away, while waiting for you to “complete” me and start my “real” life.

Goodbye to trying to fit the mold you created for me to live up to.

Goodbye to fighting for your love.

Goodbye to shaming other girls I thought were standing in the way of us being together.

Goodbye to believing you when you say you’ll change, you’ll be different this time.

Goodbye to thinking things could possibly work between us, that your heart could undergo a deep, supernatural change and become real, genuine or humble.

Goodbye to guilt and regret after realizing I can’t ever make us work.

Goodbye to further self-pity after trying so hard to do the impossible (make you love me).

And finally, Goodbye to the you I thought I knew, I will always love and miss you, even if you weren’t real.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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