This Boy Didn’t Get Everything He Wanted For Christmas, So He Decided To Get Back At Santa With These Hilarious Letters

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When you’re a kid, one of the best parts of Christmas is the idea of Santa Claus, the fat, magical elf-man who leaves you presents to confirm that yes, you’re a good kid. Unfortunately, sometimes children get so caught up in the concept that they can get a little greedy in the process.

Like Jeremy, this kid who wrote to Santa the day after Christmas because he didn’t quite get everything he asked for.

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Okay, in a weird way, it’s a cute letter — but also almost everything kids do is adorable to me, so maybe I’m biased. Either way, it’s pretty funny to imagine a little boy writing this letter in a rage because he didn’t get everything he’d wanted for Christmas.

Of course, his parents decided to try to teach Jeremy a lesson by responding to his note as “Santa.”

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The note would probably be enough to shut some kids up (personally, the idea of being on the naughty list freaked me out when I was young), but not Jeremy, who’s next letter went from 0 to 100 real quick. In fact, he started the letter with “Deer Fatty.”

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Okay but is he wrong??? We really need to find a way to update this whole Christmas myth to make it a little more PC.

Of course, Santa retaliated.

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But Jeremy is nothing if not a fighter.

Facebook / Lisa Coleman

Okay, I’m definitely getting some baby sociopath vibes right now, but is it weird that I kind of like it??? I mean, sure, he kind of seems like an ungrateful brat (with a very dark side, jeez), but I seriously can’t stop laughing at all these ridiculous letters.

Hope you like your coal next year, Jeremy. For some reason, I feel like that’s all you’re going to be getting. TC mark

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